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No, sixty percent means 60 over 100.

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Q: Does sixty percent means the same as 60 over 60?
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How do you rewrite sixty percent means the same as 60 over 2 over 5 60 or 6 over 5?

But sixty percent isn't any of those things. Sixty percent, or 60 parts out of one hundred, can be written as 0.6 or 3/5

How do you write 60 over 1 in word form?

Sixty over one in word from is the same as sixty.

What is two thirds of sixty what is 50 percent of the same number?

40 20

What is sixty percent of 250000?

60% is the same as 0.60 and 0.60*250,000 = 150,000

What is two fifths of sixty displayed as a percent?

2/5 of 60 means the same as 2/5 times 60. Do the multiplication, then multiply by 100 to convert to a percentage.

What percent of Scots support same-sex marriage?

As of September 2011, it is estimated that sixty percent (60%) of the population of Scotland favors changing the laws to permit same-sex marriage.

What is 2 over 50 as a percent?

that is the same as 4 over 100 so it is 4 percent :)

What percent of New Zealanders favor same-sex marriage?

According to a TVNZ poll released June 6, 2012, sixty-three percent of New Zealanders support same-sex marriage.

What is 0.00959 as a percent?

percent means per one hundred and per means divided by So, 0.00959 as a percent is the same as 0.00959 per one hundred which is the same as 0.00959 divided by 100 which is the same as (0.00959/100) which is the same as 0.0000959 Therefore, 0.00959 written as a percent is 0.0000959

Is 80 percent the same as 8 over 10?

Yes... it is the same

What fraction goes in 75 percent?

75 percent is the same as 75 over 100, or 3 over 4.

Is 20 percent the same as 2 over 4?


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