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The base is square.

From the base there are four triangular faces that come to a point. . By the fact that the four faces come to a point, then no face is parallel.

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No, pyramids of any kind will never have any parallel faces. This is because all of the faces, excluding the base, must meet at a single point.

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Q: Does square pyramid have at least one pair of parallel faces?
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Does a pyramid have at least two congruent parallel bases?

Not true. They have only one base and several (3 or more) lateral triangular faces. A pyramid has a single vertex over a base - there are no parallel faces in any pyramid.

Does a square pyramid have at least 2 pairs of parallel edges?

At least (and at most).

How many flat face of pyramid?

A pyramid can have 4 or more faces. A pyramid, with a n-sided polygon as base will have n+1 faces. The polygon with the least number of sides is a triangle and a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron) has 4 faces. A square based pyramid has 5 faces, and so on.

What does the term square pyramid mean?

A square pyramid is a pyramid with a square base. It has 4 outer faces, all of which are triangles, that meet at the same point perpendicular to the centre of the base. All pyramids have at least 4 faces (including the base), where the outer faces are all triangular while the base can be trilateral, quadrilateral, or any other polygon. The quadrilateral form (the square pyramid) is the most common form of pyramid, and is the form associated with the Egyptian pyramids.

What is least number of faces for a pyramid?

You need at least 4 faces for a pyramid. That type is known as Tetrahedron (http:/

What is the least number of faces that a pyramid can have?


What has at least two square faces?

A square prism (a cuboid with at least two square faces at its ends).

What solid figure has the least number of faces a triangular prism or triangular pyramid?

triangular pyramid

Which polyhedron has the least number of faces?

A polyhedron with the fewest number of faces is a triangular pyramid - it has four faces including the base.

What polyhedron with at least pair of parallel faces?

A cuboid is one of them.

What has 1 base with at least 3 lateral faces that are triangles?

A pyramid

Does a pyramid have triangular faces?

It depends on the shape of the base, but yes it has at least 3 triangular faces!(yes)