Does ten fifths equal 2

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Does ten fifths equal 2
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What is 8 divided by four fifths equal?


What fraction is equal to two fifths with a denominator of ten?


What fraction is equal to three fifths and has a denominator of ten?


What is ten twenty fifths as a decimal?

10/25 is equal to .40

Are 2 and four fifths equal to fourteen fifths?


How do you answer two-fifths of ten?

one fifth of ten is the same as 10/5 which is the same as 2 so two fifths of 10 is twice what one fifth would be. Therefore 2 fifths of ten is 4.

What is ten fifths as a mixed number?


What is the product of three fifths of ten?


What does ten fifths times two thirds equal?

(10/5) x (2/3) = (20/15) = 4/3

What is 1and 2 fifths plus 5times as far how much will that equal?

8 and 2 fifths

What are four fifths of ten?

1 fifth of ten is 2 * 4 is 8

Is 2 tenths equal to 2 5?

Four tenths is equal to two fifths.