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Q: Does ten fifths equal 2
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What is 8 divided by four fifths equal?


Are 2 and four fifths equal to fourteen fifths?


What fraction is equal to two fifths with a denominator of ten?


What fraction is equal to three fifths and has a denominator of ten?


What is ten twenty fifths as a decimal?

10/25 is equal to .40

What is ten fifths as a mixed number?


What is the product of three fifths of ten?


What is 1and 2 fifths plus 5times as far how much will that equal?

8 and 2 fifths

How do you answer two-fifths of ten?

one fifth of ten is the same as 10/5 which is the same as 2 so two fifths of 10 is twice what one fifth would be. Therefore 2 fifths of ten is 4.

What are four fifths of ten?

1 fifth of ten is 2 * 4 is 8

Is ten twenty-fifths in simplest form?

No ten twenty-fifths is the same as two fifths

Is 2 tenths equal to 2 5?

Four tenths is equal to two fifths.

What 4 5 fifths of ten?

Four fifths of ten is 8.

What is three fifths times ten?

Three fifths times ten is 6.

What is ten twenty fifths in a lower term?


What fraction is equal to 4 tenths?

2 fifths

Is two fifths less than greater than or equal to two and two fifths?

two fifths is equal to two fifths

Why is three fifths the answer to what is one fourth of ten?

It's not ! One fourth (or 1/4) of ten is 2 and 1/2

Does 2 fifths equal 1.75 liter bottle?

No. 2 fifths [of a US liquid gallon] is less than 1.75 litres.

What are five fifths of ten?


What is two fifths of a decade?

a decade is ten years. 2 fifths is the same as 4 tenths.4 years

What is seventeen fifths minus twenty seven fifths?

Negative ten fifths.

How do you write ten twenty-fifths in simplest form?


What does 11 and 2 fifths minus 2 and 3 fifths equal?

11 and 2/5 minus 2 and 3/5 = 8 and 4/5 or 8.8

What does two fifths equal as a decimal?

2/5 = 2 ÷ 5 = 0.4