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* The Bible is influencing America, but less and less every day. We should always be influenced, but looking at the world, it is getting worse and Jesus' coming is coming soon. == == * The Christians and some other people in America are influenced and that is a good thing. It helps to lead you into the path of God and someday going to Heaven. == == * The Bible influences the minds of Christian (actually, most religions have some form of a Bible: The Book of Mormon, etc) Americans to make what they believe are decisions right in the eyes of God. Most Bible-readers vote a certain way; for example, in the last election, statistics prove that more than half of Anglican Christians whom read the Bible voted for Bush. Bible readers affect America, not the Bible itself. It is no more stupid to be influenced by an inspired Book than by a screaming politician who says it is morally sound to kill an unborn human life. Also, this is a matter of perspective, considering that you could believe that the Bible "brainwashed" minds of Christian Americans, and I could believe that Atheists are more "brainwashed" by their Anti-Christ beliefs. Overall: Yes, the Bible influences America because of the people that choose to read and believe it. However, there is always another way to say just about everything. == == * It isn't obsession or brain-washing, but the choice of an individual to choose to believe in religion, what sect of religion and also have the right to be an Atheist or an Agnostic. Just like anything else in our society there will be those that use religion to do terrible things, but the majority of Christians are good people and we need more of them! == == * The Pilgrims came here because they wanted freedom of religion. The Bible is a vital part of the development of the US's formation. However, there is danger in going to the extreme of thinking of the U.S. as any kind of Christian Republic, especially if it is seen as the counterpart of an Islamic Republic. We are not a Christian Republic. * Definitely Yes, but was it for the good or for the bad is anybody's guess. * The cynic in me want's to say no. We ("Christians") go to church on Wednesday and Sunday. Listen to the preacher give a sermon and that's it. That is the extent of our exposure to the Bible. Perhaps we'll change.

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Q: Does the Bible influence America
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