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No. It is a meaningless equation. You may have intended to say: 2 times the sum of x and g is equal to 2x plus 2g.

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Q: Does the equation 2 x plus g equals 2x plus g illustrate the distributive property?
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What is a distributive property equation that equals 17?

6(2 + 1) = 18==========

What is a distributive property equation that equals 19?

0.4*(7.5 + 40) = 19

What does k equals in distributive proprtey Math?

The distributive property need not have any k in it.

Is ab equals ba distributive property?

no; commutative

What is the distributive property of 8 times 15 equals 8?

It is not the distributive property. The statement in the question is simply FALSE.

Is 7 divided by x equals x divided by 7 a commutative property associative property distributive property or none of these the equation is incorrect?

no the equation is not correct, the only way it would be correct is if x=7 which would be a commutative property

What is a distributive property equation that equals 18?

2(x + 3) = 18 or did you mean that solution would be x = 18? then 2(x + 3) = 42

What is the property 53x plus 4 equals 15x plus 20?


What property does 8x6 equals 6 x 8 illustrate?

The commutative property

What is the property that you can subtract the same number from both sides of an equation the new equation will have the same solution?

The property is: If equals are subtracted from equals, the results are equal.

What is the property of 4x equals 8?

There is no particular property illustrated by the equation shown.

What property is RS plus RS equals 2RS?

The distributive property of multiplication over addition and the identity property of multiplication. RS + RS = 1*RS + 1*RS (using identity property) = (1 + 1)*RS (using distributive property) = 2*RS

Is negative 7 plus 24 equals 24 plus negative 7 an example of the distributive property?


Which property says that a factor times the sum of quantities equals the sum of the products of the factor and each quantity?


What property is shown in the equation below 6 x 0 equals 0?

zero property

What is the property of 3k plus 2-2 equals -10-2?

There is no specific property to the equation.

What property is be illustrated in the equation -12 plus 12 equals 0?

It is the Zero Property of Addition.

4n plus 2 equals 25 is an example of what property?


Which property of equality is used to solve the equation k - 21 equals -11?


What algebraic property is being used 4 multiplied by x plus y equals 4x plus 4y?

The distributive property of multiplication over addition.

What property is illustrated in the equation 7 multiplied by 1 equals 7?

The identity property of multiplication is illustrated.

How do you use the distributive property and the commutative property to show that 2d plus 4v-3d equals 5v-d?

With a huge amount of difficulty because, as an identity, the equation is false. For example, let d = 1 and v = 1. The equation would then imply that 2 + 4 - 3 = 5 - 1 or 3 = 4 which is patently false.

What addition property is shown by the equation 373 plus 0 equals 373?

This is the identity property: the additive identity property of zero.

What is the property of 3x7 plus 2 equals 3x7 plus 3x2?

3(7 + 2) = 3x7 + 3x2 is an example of the distributive law.The distributive law connects multiplication and addition.

Seven times the sum of a number and -5 equals?

7(x+-5) with the distributive property you can reduce it to7x+7*57x+35 which is the answer.