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No because they add up to 180 degrees

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Q: Does the measures of an exterior angle and the adjacent interior angle add up to a 360 degree?
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What is the measures of the interior angle if its exterior angle is 36 degree?

180 - 36 = 144 degrees.

What is the sum of the polygon's interior angle measures if the exterior angle of a regular polygon's 36 degree?

1440 degrees

What are the angle measures for a hexagon?

Interior Angle Degree measure = 120o Exterior Angle Dergree measure = 60o

Is a 45 degree angle interior or exterior?


What is the degree measurement for a regular polygon with 9 sides?

Each exterior angles measures 40 degrees Each interior angle measures 140 degrees

What is the sum of all the exterior angles and interior angles in a triangle?

Sum of interior angles - 180 degree (each side 60 degree) Sum of exterior angles of a polygon - 360 degree

How many degree are in the sum of the interior and exterior of a polygon has?

45 I guess

If the internal angles of a triangle are in a ratio 3 5 7. Find the degree measures of the angles. Also find the measure of its greatest exterior angle?

Its interior angles are 36, 60 and 84 degrees respectively with its greatest exterior angle being 144 degrees.

In isosceles triangle WXY the interior angle W measures 100 degree. What is the measure of all three interior angles of triangle WXY?

100 degree, 40 degree and 40 degree.

How many sides would a regular polygon have if one of its exterior angles measures 1 degree?


Prove that sum of exterior angle of a triangle is 360 degree?

because INTERIOR ANGLE 180 AND the exterior angle 180 so 180+180=360

What is a degree measure of an angle in a reglar hexagon?

Interior angles: 120 degrees Exterior angles: 60 degrees