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No. An 'arithmetic' sequence is defined as one with a common difference.

A sequence with a common ratio is a geometricone.

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2011-07-19 17:09:36
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Q: Does the terms of an arithmetic sequence have a common ratio?
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Related questions

What is a sequence in which a common difference separates terms?

arithmetic sequence

What is it where you find terms by adding the common difference to the previous terms?

An arithmetic sequence.

In what sequence are all of the terms the same?

A static sequence: for example a geometric sequence with common ratio = 1.

What is the type of sequence where the terms in the sequence are found by adding the same number each time?

That's an arithmetic sequence.

Is The Fibonacci sequence arithmetic?

No, the Fibonacci sequence is not an arithmetic because the difference between consecutive terms is not constant

What is the common difference for an arithmetic sequence in which the terms are decreasing?

From the information given, all that can be said is that it will be a negative number.

How do you determine if a sequence is arithmetic?

The sequence is arithmetic if the difference between every two consecutive terms is always the same.

Rule to finding terms in a arithmetic sequence?

The nth term of an arithmetic sequence = a + [(n - 1) X d]

What is the difference between any two successive terms in a arithmetic sequence?

It is the "common difference".It is the "common difference".It is the "common difference".It is the "common difference".

A sequence in which the terms change by the same amount each time?

Arithmetic Sequence

What are the 5 terms of an arithmetic sequence?

They are a, a+d, a+2d, a+3d and a+4d where a is the starting value and d is the common difference.

Which of the following choices is the common difference between the terms of this arithmetic sequence?

45, 39, 33, 27, 21, ...

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