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Yes, it affects the friction.

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Q: Does the texture of a ramp matter when you roll a car down?
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How long it takes for a ball to roll down a ramp?

Twice as long as it takes to roll halfway down the same ramp. Without knowing the size of the ball, and the length & angle of the ramp, thats the best I can tell you.

Why would a crayon roll down a ramp but need force to move up a ramp?

The heavy the crayon, it will roll down but it needs force to move it back up

What must be true about the forces in order for a car to roll down a ramp?


How a basketball and a tennis ball rol down the ramp?

They should roll at the same rate

What type of energy does a cart have before it starts to roll down a ramp?

It has Potential energy.

Which is the main force that causes a toy car to roll down a ramp?

The gravitational force is.

What forces cause a car to roll down a ramp?

gravity assuming the car was off, and not in park

Which ball small medium large will roll down 10 ft the fastest from a ramp?

The small ball

Example of a inclined plain?

A ramp. Items you can not lift up, you can roll up a ramp. People can not lift someone in a wheel chair, but they can roll him up a ramp or an inclined plain.

If a ball is rolled down a ramp at a different angle will it roll farther?

The larger the angle of the ramp the farther the ball will roll once it's reached the floor at the bottom of the ramp, until you make the ramp so steep that the ball rolls for shorter and shorter distances each time. Imagine that when the ramp is really steep the ball's direction is mainly into the floor and not along the floor anymore, so it's probably going to bounce a bit depending on what it's made of and not roll very much at all.

Does the type of ramp surface effect the distance the toy car will roll?

Well let's see..if one surface is tape and one is glass...nah it doesn't matter the car will roll the same.

How do you make a ball roll slowly down a ramp?

apply friction a rough surface cardboard for example, the rougher it is the slower the ball will roll but to much friction and it will stop altogether.

Did the height of the ramp increase the distance the car rolled?

if the ramp forms a very steep gradient, definately the car will roll for a longer distance. On the contrary, if the gradient formed by the ramp is gentle, then it will roll for a shorter distance

A student is conducting an experiment to determine how far a ball will roll down a ramp based on the angle of incline. What are three possible controls for this experiment?

The material of the ramp, the volume of the ball, and the mass of the ball.

A student is conducting an experiment to determine how far a ball will roll down a ramp based on the angle of incline. What are three possible controls for this experiment?

The material of the ramp, the volume of the ball, and the mass of the ball.

Which statement is an obervation if the ramp is steeper then the ball will roll faster or friction slowed the ball down or gravity caused the ball's motion?

"If the ramp is steeper than the ball will roll faster" can be observed during experiments. "Friction slowed the ball down" and "Gravity caused the ball's motion" are both conjectures (guesses).

Does a full can roll faster than a empty can down a ramp?

Yes it rolls faster because the fluid in a can is dense and increases the velocity.

Since gravitiy was the acceleration that caused the ball to roll down the ramp Why wasnt the acceleration of the ball close to 9.8 ms2 2 reasons?

The ball rolling down the ramp might not have had time to reach 9.8 m/s^2. Also the coefficient of kinetic friction might have been high for the surface of the ramp.

Does height effect potentail energy?

yes height effects potentail energy because if you have a meter stick and a ramp at 50 centemeters with a block at the bottom then roll a ball down the ramp the block at the bottom will go pretty long but if you put the ramp higher the block will go longer

Does a golf ball go faster as you increase the slope of a ramp?

In other words, does a golf ball roll faster up a hill? No obviously not. It would roll faster down a slope, it's called gravity.

How do you make a ping pong ball go faster down a ramp without altering the outside of the ball and without doing anything to the ramp?

Hmm. . . You can't modify the ball or the ramp. Those are two constraints that don't leave much room for improvement. Is changing the pitch angle of the ramp allowed? I suppose not. How about moving the ramp into a vacuum chamber? If you place the ramp and ball in a vacuum chamber and purge the air, you will eliminate -- or at least greatly reduce -- the friction due to air resistance. In a vacuum, the ball should roll down the ramp faster. How about blowing the ball down the ramp? Get behind the ball and, once it's rolling, blow hard! Better yet, get a hair blow-dryer and really give it a boost.

When would you use a simple machine?

You can make a ramp. In scientific terms, it would be an inclined plain. You can roll balls and drive wheelchairs up and down ramps.

Does the height of the ramp affect the distance toy car will roll?


What is an independent variable in an expirement?

The independent variable in an experiment is the variable that the experimenter varies or changes. For instance, if I'm studying the effect of the steepness of a ramp with the time it takes a ball to roll down the ramp, I change the steepness of the ramp (the independent variable) and measure the time (the dependent variable). Hope this helps.

Why does a ball roll faster down a steep ramp than down a shallow ramp?

Potential Energy of the ball on the shallow ramp and the ball on the steep ramps are different: PE = mass x gravity x height. This potential energy is converted to Kinetic energy or motion energy. KE = 1/2mv^2. If there is more potential energy to convert to Kinetic energy then it will result in increased speed.

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