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Absolutely not.

The snakeboard (aka streetboard) has been around since 1989, and is an extreme sport with many board companies & riders all around the world.

The waveboard (aka casterboard, ripstik, vigorboard) is a toy which is only similar in that it uses the same principal of being a self-propelled board. The waveboards were only able to be manufactured after the original Snakeboard patent expired.

The snakeboard has 4x wheels and trucks similar to a skateboard. Some have thin centre-bars, others have wide ones. All snakeboards can have footstraps attached and riders can do all sorts of crazy tricks; in vert ramps, skateparks, miniramps, or the street.

Ripstiks / waveboards have 2x "caster wheels", no trucks, no centre bar, no straps, and you cannot do half the amount of tricks on them that are possible on the snakeboard.

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Q: Does the waveboard and snakeboard are same?
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Is their a brake on the waveboard?


What is a wave board?

A waveboard is like a skateboard but only has 2 wheels, one at the front and one at the back of the waveboard. It is also called a ripstik. For some people who ride it, it is much easier than a skateboard, a skateboard is more complicated than a waveboard/ ripstik.

How do you ride a waveboard?

its so easy but first you have to buy a waveboard then when you have it put in on a smooth surface then the nose of the board you put you're foot on it then you push off with your back leg and put it in the board then when your finally on the board you have to push your legs with the board back and forth and with he back leg you turn i hope you learn how to ride a waveboard. Good luck

Where can I get waveboard wheels in Malaysia?

Any sports store or hypermarket should have it.

Where can you find a cheap snakeboard online or in the shops?

You will find it much easier to buy a snakeboard / streetboard online. Just do a Google search for "Buy A Snakeboard" and you should be able to find several websites!Note: Be careful, there are many websites selling 'Ripstiks' / 'Casterboards' and advertising them as 'Snakeboards' ... They are completely different & are basically a ripoff of the snakeboard.A snakeboard / streetboard is made up of two pivoting footplates, joined by a centre crossbar. The oldschool boards are made of plastic, and have a narrow bar. The modern boards are wide and made of plywood, they look like small snowboards / big skateboards.Hope this helps!

Where do you get a waveboard?

you can buy it a cheek the ones you like. or toysare us, and lots.

Where do I can change your waveboard design?

if u want a new wave board go to

Where can you buy a cheap snakeboard?

If you cannot find a snakeboard (also commonly known as a 'streetboard') for sale at your local skate store - There are many other places where you can easily buy them from online, for example; the Doomsday Australia Online Skate Shop who regularly post snakeboards to customers all around the world.Do a quick Google search for online shops that sell snakeboards.Warning: Watch out for dodgy businesses and eBay sellers who are advertising casterboards/ripstiks as snakeboards. They are not the same thing.

Where are some places to visit to get more information on a waveboard?

There are two types of 'waveboard' available. One is a application for Mac and iPhone that has been discontinued. The most prominent one is a type of skateboard that is unique and gives the feel of surfing or snowboarding on the street. These are available in most place that skateboards are found.

Where can you find a snakeboard in Cape Town?

You might have trouble finding one in a skate-shop. Your best bet is to order one online. Just do a Google search for "Buy A Snakeboard" - You will find there are several websites that sell them and offer worldwide shipping. Otherwise, you're just going to have to call up all your local skate-shops and ask if they stock them!

Can you fit a ripstik torsion bar onto a waveboard?

no. i tried it and it fell apart. and then the bolt got stuck. not my greatest idea

Where can you buy a snakeboard and yes i do mean a snakeboard?

It depends where abouts in the world you are? Generally it is hard to find them in skate-shops (however some stores do stock them).Your best bet is to buy one online, there are several websites that sell them - Just do a Google search for "Buy A Snakeboard" and you should find a couple of sites!Be careful - There are lots of people selling 'Ripstiks' and 'Casterboards' and avertising them as Snakeboards / Streetboards - They are completely different.Note: The sports name changed from 'snakeboarding' to 'streetboarding' a while back. The boards are called 'streetboards' now. They still have the same core design (two pivoting footplates joined by a centre bar), however most modern boards are low and made from plywood as this was found to be the best design for extreme tricks & stunt riding - Where as the oldschool boards from Snakeboard® were made from plastic and had narrow crossbars. Snakeboard®stopped producing boards in 1997. Dimenion Streetboards bought the company a couple of years ago and they recently released two new boards using the modern streetboard design.Basically what I am saying is, if you are looking to buy a snakeboard / streetboard, you will have the best luck looking for one Online and you will find it much easier to find the modern boards (made from plywood) than the oldschool plastic boards.Hope this helps!