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Q: Does water with a greater volume cool faster than water with a less volume?
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How does the shape surface area and volume affect how fast magma cools?

The shape affects the ratio of surface area to volume. The greater the surface are to volume ratio, the faster the magma will cool.

Why do plant grow faster with koolaid but not water?

Hi there plants grow faster with cool aid then water as the cool aid contains more minerals and vitamins then water. These are what a plant needs to maintain health .And grow at greater speeds.

Which has greater volume warm air or cool air?


Which cool faster sand or water?

sand cools of faster because the sand is less dense and it depends on witch sand beach sand will cool of faster because it is mostly water under it so it will cool of faster

How fast does hot water cool?

Basically, the rate at which the water will cool depends on the difference between the water's temperature, and the temperature of its surroundings. The higher the temperature difference, the faster it cools. There are some other factors, but that's the gist of it...

What cools faster warm or cool water?

No It's warm water the ? was what cools faster cool water is already cool so warm water will cool faster. Plus cool water gets warm Also back in the sixties a experiment was done Hot water froze faster than cold water by a minute . ( I remember this from the Weekly Reader report. lol lol ) I also believe it's meant to suggest when the water is at room temptureroom temperature.

Does salt water or fresh water cool faster?

who cares about water

Does water cool down faster in smaller containers?

yes, if there is less water there is less to cool down

Does pure water cool fast?

That depends on what temperature the pure water is at. Pure water in general does cool faster, however.

Does water cool and heat faster than water?

beacause its solid

Why does warm water than freeze faster than cool water?

Mpemba effect ,water evaporates faster so it has less water so it freezes faster

Does water or sand cool faster after dark?

Sand cools down faster after dark