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WWW stands for World Wide Web.

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Q: Does www mean the same as internet?
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What do mean by internet and www?

www. stands for World Wide Web.

Explain the relationship between www and internet?

isn't it the same??

What the meaning of www?

WWW stands for World Wide Web. Basically, it is a system of interlinked, hypertext documents accessed through the internet. WWW is not the same as the internet. The WWW uses communication through HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to enable information to be exchanged over the internet.

The internet is the same thing as the WWW?

Yes it is the World Wide Web

What does www stand for on the extranet?

It's the same as internet. World Wide Web

Is the internet part of the WWW.?

No. Actually, the world wide web (WWW) makes use of the internet. Some might say the WWW is a part of the internet.

How www differs from other services available on internet?

WWW stands for World Wide Web. Many use this as being the same as the Internet but it is not in a strict sense. The Internet is basically a collection of physical networks and services. The WWW or the Web is basically those services that one accesses through a browser and can be considered as a subset of the Internet.

What is the difference between the internet and the www?

Internet is the name of the world wide web (www).

Why internet is also know as web?

because internet refers to world wide web(www.)which is the network connection of world.web is also comes in world wide web(www.) so that it is like same.....

How the Internet and WWW are used?

the internet and the world wide web(www) are the same they are used is by clicking on the internet or modzilla icon and typing in ur desire destination to roam in. anyways, you already know how to use the net because u found this page.

How are the Internet and the World wide web alike and different?

It's the same thing. INternet is the name of the www like Adam is a person's name.

What is the difference between the WWW and Internet?

WWW stands for World Wide Web and there is a big difference. Some people confuse the Internet which came before the WWW. The World Wide Web is a way to access information on the Internet. The Internet is much larger -- a massive network that connects computers together. The www is a part of the Internet.