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No, order is not considered.

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Q: Does your Mega Millions pick have to be in the same order as the winning numbers to have any winning numbers?
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Do you when something if you get four out of six number in the Mega Million?

No, in order to win the Mega Millions lottery, you must match the winning numbers with the same five numbers you selected in one line. The mega multiplier adds to your win, if your five numbers are the winning numbers.

Ny mega millions lottery past winning numbers?

Check all the Mega Millions jackpot winners list and the numbers they choose at : YorkYou can check all the Mega Millions jackpot winners at : you can check all the Mega Millions jackpot numbers at :

What will be the next winning numbers for the Maryland mega millions drawing?

I wanted to win really bad my life is to rough I don't what to do

What mega millions lottery numbers are good for July 2013?

The mega millions lottery drawing was most recently held on July 5Th, 2013. The winning numbers were 2, 23, 41, 47, 54, and a the mega ball number was 42. The jackpot was an estimated 12 million dollars.

What do you win with 3 numbers in the mega millions?

if three numbers are hit in the mega millions lottery what do I win?

Do mega millions and power ball numbers that are drawn be the same order as the ticket show examples?


What will the mega millions lottery numbers be?


Where can you purchase Mega Million lottery?

When trying to obtain the winning numbers for the Mega Million jackpot, you can look directly on the Mega Millions site. You may also find it on your local news site as well, once the numbers are drawn.

What are the odds of winning the current mega millions jackpot?

1 in 176 million .

What is the chance of winning the mega millions lottery?

not good. unless you buy a lot of tickets

Have those numbers ever shown up in a real lottery like Powerball and-or Mega Millions?

A lotto game, including Powerball and Mega Millions, selects numbers from a specific range, such as 1 to 39 or 1 to 49 or 1 to 53. Each lotto system can have a different range of numbers. Also, the Powerball and Mega Millions both have separate ranges of numbers for the last number of a draw. Powerball chooses 5 numbers from the range 1 through 59, and then the special Powerball number is from 1 through 35. Mega Millions chooses 5 numbers from the range 1 through 75, and then the special Mega number is from 1 through 15. It is important to remember that any set of numbers that fit the criteria is equally likely to be the winning numbers for a particular draw. Each game takes great care to ensure that the results are completely random.

What does 3 plus 0 mean in Mega Millions Lottery?

3 + 0 in the mega millions lottery means that you have 3 regular numbers correct, and no mega number. So 4 + 1 would mean you got 4 regular numbers correct, as well as the mega number. So on and so on.