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Q: Does your head get bigger with age?
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Who has a bigger head?

alfonso martinez

Does yoga make your head bigger aswell making you taller?

It may make yu taller but yur head well not get bigger

Which head is bigger the squid or octopus?


Does leukimia make your head bigger?

Umm, no.

Who has a bigger head Danish or Shawn?


An animal bigger than your head?

An animal bigger then your head really is anything like a monkey or a dog or a bunny exc. anything you can think of really.

How do you make a cloud in Drawn To Life?

go to the creation hall and make a character after that when your drawing your character make the head bigger then draw a cloud on the head and your done (to make the head bigger just click on the thing with 4 arrows then there should be dots on the body then click the dot on the head and make it bigger)

What characteristics develop with age?

you get bigger

who has most bigger age?


At what age does a Staffordshire bull terrier's head get bigger?

when do staffs heads start gettin a splitt at what age about and when do they reach there full height? They don't split. From 6 months of age, or more usually from 9 months, they start to mature sexually. One of their secondary sexual characteristics is to develop lots of muscle on their heads. No splitting of any kind is involved. Full height is by 1 year of age. Full musculature in an unneutered male is by around 18 months of age. Please do neuter your staffies, they're my favourite breed but there are far, far too many of them being bred!!

What was the youngest age for a deputy head?

The youngest deputy head began at the age of 25. Overall, the average age for a deputy head is between 30 and 35.

What do you do when your head gets bigger?

Buy a larger size of hat or perhaps go and see a "shrink". However, if you are an adult and you head is physically getting bigger, perhaps you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) about it, because an adult's head should not be getting bigger.