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No. The sum of two negative numbers will always be a negative number.

If, however, you multiply the numbers, their product will be positive.

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Q: Dose a negative number plus a negative number equal a positive number?
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What dose a negative times a positive equal?

a negative times a positive is a negative. plz recomend me.

What dose integers mean?

An integer is any positive or negative whole number

How many square roots dose a negative number have?

no,a negative number cannot have a square root .it is made only for positive numbers .but,yes,negative numbers can be squared.

How many square roots dose a positive number have?

The square root of positive number can be ether a matched set of positive or negative numbers. As an example the square root of 4 can be either (-2 x -2) or (+2 x +2)

Dose electrons have a positive charge or negative charge?

they have both negitive and positive charge

Dose a negative multiplied a positive a negative?

When two numbers with different signs are multiplied or divided, the answer is negative.

What dose 2 plus negative 2 equal?

The answer is: 2+(-2) = 0

Dose a temeratur of -15 degries F correspond to a negative or to positive?

That little line sticking out on the left side of the '15' means it's a negative.

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scalene triangle dose not have any equal sides or angles =)

Dose a negative fraction plus a negative fraction equal positive?

No, you're just subracting basically. It' the same as -2 + (-2). The answer is -4, and it's a negative plus a negative. Or, if you'd rather: If you owe someone money, and then add another debt, does your debt not grow? And Love, I'd suggest that unless you're in the sixth grade or lower, you not only get tutored in math, but in English and spelling as well. [Does]

How many protons and electrons dose H plus have?

H+ has 1 proton and 0 electrons.Normal hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron. The number of protons always remains the same. The negative electron and the positive proton balance out the charge so that normal elemental hydrogen is neutral.H+ is the oxidized form of hydrogen. Its electron was taken away, so now it's left with 1 proton and 0 electrons, making its charge positive.H- is the reduced form of hydrogen. It has gained an electron, so now it has 1 positive proton and 2 negative electrons, making the charge equal to negative 1.

What dose the atomic number of an element represents?

The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of protons in each nucleus of an atom of the element.

Does 23 g of sodium and 238 g of uranium have equal number of atoms in them?

dose 23 grams of sodium and 238 grams of uranium have equal number of atoms in them

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The mixed number of 83 and 13/100 equals 83.13 as a decimal

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How many neutrons dose an atom have if its atomic mass is 183 and its atomic number is 74?

the answer is 109... im not positive that im right but if i am right heres what you do... subtract the atomic mass from the atomic number(number of protons.) :p

What dose it mean if a cell has a positive voltage?

The reaction is not spontaneous

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This indicates that the hypothesis is probably incorrect and a new hypothesis needs to be developed. A negative result for a scientific experiment is just as important as a positive result and means that the experiment was a success.

Is the oxygen atom in a water molecule have a slightly positive charge?

yes it dose have a slight positive charge

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Equal to

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