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10 uints

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Q: Draw a figure on the grid paper with the given perimeter?
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Is it possible to draw a figure with the area of 18 and perimeter of 28?


Is it possible to draw a figure with the area of 14 and perimeter of 18?

Yes, draw a 2 x 7 rectangle.

What is a two-dimentional figure?

It's any figure that you can draw on a flat piece of paper or carve into your desktop.

How do you draw a figure with a perimeter of 18 units?

Draw a rectangle with 2 sides 5 units long and 2 sides 4 units long

Explain how you could use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

i dont know the anwser

Explain how you can use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

I think if it were to be a triangle that it would be six on each

What is the perimeter of the letter b?

It depends on the font - the exact shape of the letter. If you can draw the letter on graph paper, that might help.

How can you make 8 pieces on a paper with 3 lines drawn?

you draw an 'A' with the sides sticking out and then you can figure out the rest...

How to draw a hexagon?

A hexagon is a six-sided figure. Cut an equilateral triangle out of a piece of paper. Chop off little equilateral triangles at each tip of the triangle. What you have is a hexagonal piece of paper. Draw around it.

What is a quadrangle figure?

draw a quadrangle below. measure the sides to the nearest 1/2 inch. write the lenght next to each sides. find the perimeter

Can you a Meta Knight Unmasked paper figure?

It's so easy make it just draw him with a kirby-like face.

Write an algorithm and draw flowchart to calculate the perimeter of a square?

Write a logarithms and flowchart t find area and perimeter of square

What figure did Cassie draw?

Cassie draw a ray

How do you draw a dove?

get a pencil and some paper and draw a dove with the pencil onto the paper

Can you draw a square with a perimeter of 20?

You can draw any shape you want with a perimeter of 20. For a square, make each side 5. For a triangle, 62/3 , etc.

Is it possibe to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 15cm?

Yes 3x5

How you draw a square with a perimeter of 12cm?

With 3cm for each sides.

How many rectilinear shapes can you draw as if you have a perimeter of 40cm?


How do you draw a translated figure on a coordinate plane?

Draw it on your mom

How do you figure a magic square?

draw it

How do you draw a pentogon?

Draw polygonal figure with 5 equal sides.

How do you draw ibis?

you draw an ibis by using a pencil and paper

How do you draw the net of a three dimensional figure?

It depends on the figure. For example, you cannot draw a net for a sphere, an ellisoid or a torus.

How do you draw a shape with the same area and perimeter?

To draw a shape with the same area and perimeter, decide what shape you want to draw, then take the equations for area and perimeter and make them equal, and then solve what the various side lengths have to be. For instance, the area of a square is L2 where L is the side length, and the perimeter of a square is Lx4 We want them equal, so L2=Lx4 Dividing both sides by L gives us L=4, so if I draw a square with side length 4, it will have the same area and perimeter.

What is it to draw a geometric figure outside another geometric figure?