Draw a set of x and y axes?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Ok done.

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Q: Draw a set of x and y axes?
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Draw a set of x and y axes mark the zero point then stab this point with a pencil?

I do not see why anyone should want to do that!

What on the x axes ant What is on the y axes?

The x is on the top left and y is on the bottom.

How do you draw a three dimensional probability density function?

It is impossible. If you have three variables, X, Y and Z then the joint probability density function (PDF) of these three variables is a hyper-surface in 4-dimensional space: with axes X, Y, Z and P(X,Y,Z). You cannot draw it.Even if you have only two variables, their joint PDF will be a surface in 3-dimensional space with axes X, Y and P(X,Y). This may be possible with good graphing facilities but, unless X and Y are very simple, you will still struggle to draw it.

What is the name given to the point where the x and y axes meet?

The X and Y axes meet at the origin.

How do you graph Y equals 0.5x plus 2?

On your graph paper, after you draw and number the 'x' and 'y' axes, draw a straight linethat goes through the point [ y = 2 ] on the y-axis, and has a slope of [ 0.5 ).

Where are the x and y axes on a graph?

Y | | | x______________

What are the 2 axes that makes up a graph?

X and Y axes.

What is the singular form of axes usually the x and y?

It is the x axis and the y axis and both axes are found on the Cartesian plane

If a piece of paper is a plane in the X and Y axes and the Z axis is a pencil that stabbed straight down through the paper at the point where the X and Y axes meet then the coordinates of the center?

The X and Y axes meet at 0,0. X,Y, Z intersect at 0,0,0.

Why is x equals 5 a vertical line and y equals -5 a horizontal line?


What is the x axes on a ine graph?

the x axes is the bold line that goes horizontally the one that goes vertically is the y axes!

Which is the x axes and y axes on a bar chart?

X axis goes across (horizontal) Y axis is up and down (vertical)