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Imagine a rectangle with a box sitting on top. The base of the rectangle has a width of 6. The sides have a height of 1. On either side of the box, which is the top of the rectangle, is a length of 2. The sides of the box equal 1 high. The top of the box measures 2 across.

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Q: Draw an irregular figure that has a perimeter of 16?
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What is the perimeter of a pentagon that has all sides that are 16 feet long?

A pentagon is a 5-sided figure. The perimeter is the sum of all the sides of a figure, and if a pentagon has 16-foot sides, it will have 5 x 16 feet = 80 feet as its perimeter.

Draw a rectangle blue whose perimeter is 16 centimeters?

5x2 + 3x2 = 16

Can you draw 2 squares of different sizes so that each has a perimeter of 16 inches explain?

No, because even through they have the same perimeter you must show how you can get 16 as the perimeter in two different ways.

How many squares can you draw that have a perimeter of 16 feet?

1 as squares have to have equal sides

What happens to the perimeter of a rectangle when its length and width are quadrupled?

When the linear dimensions of a plane figure are quadrupled, its perimeter is quadrupled, and its area is multiplied by 42 = 16 .

What is the perimeter of 12 inches and 4 inches?

The perimeter is the sum of the lengths of all the sides of a figure. If there are only two sides, it is their sum. In this case it would be 16 inches.

How can you use the perimeter of a square that is 32 to find the perimeter of a square with a side that measures 16 inches?

On the 32" x 32" square draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner to form a cross. Where the two lines cross marks the centre of the big square.From this centre point, draw a horizontal line to the side perimeter of the big square. Then from the centre point draw a vertical line down to the bottom of the big square.You have now formed a 16" x 16" square inside the big square.

Sue draw a square each side of the was 4 centimeters long what was the perimeter of the square sue drew?

Perimeter of square = 4*length of side = 4*4cm = 16 cm.

what is the perimeter of 6x2?

perimeter is 16

How can the perimeter stay the same and the area change?

4x4 square: perimeter - 16 area - 16 6x2 rectangle perimeter - 16 area - 12

What is the perimeter for 16 tiles that are 1 inch?

The perimeter of each tile is 4 inches. So the perimeter of 16 tiles - separately - is 4*16 = 64 inches. The perimeter of a 16-tile shape depends on the shape.

Are square 16 inhes- what is perimeter?

If the area of a square is 16 square inches, the perimeter is 16 inches.