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It may not mean anything it generally is a habit a woman has or could be an act out of nervousness and maybe in very rare cases a woman could be flirting but that doesn't generally happen.

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Q: During a one on one conversation what does it mean when a woman plays with her hair?
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What does it mean when a woman plays with your hair or fluffs your hair for about a minute or so?

well either she is styling your hair, or she likes you. Most likely she likes you.

How did woman dye their hair during ww1?

the interesting way of dying their hair that i think is using gunpowder they had stolen from the ammunition factories

Can girls cut pubic hair?

First of all it helps to keep the vagina clean and mostly during periods, most men prefer having intercourse with a woman who has shaved pubic hair, it is considered sexy by the woman herself and/or her partner, it helps to keep the pubic area dry either from sweating and last but not least; for some women the pubic hair can make the vagina sore during friction and/or hair pulling during sex.

Black woman hair?

What do you mean? GHow do woman get black hair? Genes, of course.

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It has been frequently commented on by many women who have been in catfights that the reason they go for the hair is because a woman's hair is her crowning glory and an icon of her beauty. To attack a woman's hair by pulling at it and making it look dishevelled is to negate her beauty and to disrespect her stature as an attractive female. Hairpulling between women during catfights is frequent and widespread, as it is used as a way for one woman to both disrespect her opponent, ruin her good looks, and at the same time cause her opponent discomfort and distress during a catfight

What does it mean when a guy that sits behind you pulls and plays with your hair and touches your upper back mean?

Yes, he probably likes you and is just looking for ways to get your attention and engage you in conversation. Or he is bored with the class and looking for a distraction.

What do you call a man with no facial hair?

A woman

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Yes every woman can unless she has a condition that affects hair growth such as alopecia. This is where there is no hair growth at all.

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