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There was no definitive government or document that defined the American Rebel Movement and until the Treaty of Paris 1783, the United States was no legally an independent nation, so no legal treatise of government would have held sway in a court of law. On the ground de facto law during the Revolution was contemporaneous British Common Law (as concerned things like property, marriage, burial rights, and so forth). When General Lord Cornwallis surrendered, the Articles of Confederation became a de facto system of laws until the Treaty of Paris 1783 made them de jure law.

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Q: During the American Revolution the Thirteen Colonies were governed by a?
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Who governed the thirteen colonies?

George Washington governed the thirteen colonies.

How were the colonies during the American revolution governed?

They weren't. It was Everyman for them selves.

What were the thirteen colonies and who settled why who were the leaders and how were they governed?


What country governed the thirteen colonies?

Great Britain

What is the american revollution?

The American Revolution was a war fought between the 13 colonies and Great Britain. King George III did not want the colonies to be self governed. The result was the American Revolution and the birth of the United States.

Which country established and governed the 13 American colonies?

The British Colonies, so to speak, were 13 in number and were aptly named Thirteen Colonies. The English colony ... These Thirteen American Colonies were grouped under three different heads depending on the type of governance: ... Charter Colonies - These colonies were established when the British Crown granted a charter,

What legislative body governed the colonies during the American Revolution?

i do not know that's way I'm asking

Before the revolution who governed the colonies?


What governed the thirteen colonies?

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Why was the American Revolution considered to be thirteen separate wars?

Because the colonies were actually 13 different political entities, each rebelling against the country that owned and governed them. There were still major differences between the colonies, but they recognized that they would be better off together than seperately.

Who governed the Americans after the American Revolution?

After the American revolution there was a short period of time when no one governed it but shortly after the revolution was over they wrote the constitution and George Washington became the first president of the USA.

What body governed the American colonies from 1776 to 1781?

Continental Congress

Who governed early American colonies?

The king of England George the Third.

What country governed the original 13 american colonies?

Great Britian

How the british governed the colonies before the 1760s?

The British governed with little supervision of the American colonies before 1760.Britain's harsh tax and trade policies of the 1760s fanned resentment in the colonies.

How did England govern the thirteen colonies in the early and mid 1600s?

England governed the 13 colonies in 1600's by adopting the policy. It made it to where colonies pay a proportion of the costs t the empire.

How did England govern the thirteen colonies in early mid -1600?

England governed the thirteen colonies in early mid -1600 using the same structure of a colonial government. Most citizens were not impressed by the British rule during this period.

Who governed charter colonies?

Abarham Lincoln governed charter colonies

How were the colonies governed before federation?

The colonies were governed by state government.

What governed the 13 colonies?

The Colonies governed themselves but were technically run by the British.

Before the mid 1700's the American colonies were largely self?


How were the southern colonies governed?

they were governed some how

How were charter colonies governed?

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The Declaration of Independence founded government on principles of?

The Declaration of Independence founded the US government on the principles of human liberty and consent of the governed. The Declaration of Independence announced that the thirteen American colonies would no longer be a part of the British Empire.

How Were Mid Atlantic Colonies Governed?

They were governed by Representatives.