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Either diagonal of a parallelogram divides the parallelogram into two triangles of equal areas. Thus area of triangle abd = half that of the parallelogram abcd. The required ratio is 1 / 2.

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Q: E is the midpoint of ab and db is a diagonal of parallelogram abcd what is the ratio of areas of triangle ฮ”abd to parallelogram abcd?
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What is the area if the base is 127cm and the height is 10.5cm?

It depends on the shape. A triangle and a parallelogram with these dimensions will have different areas.

How is the area of a triangle different from the area of a parallelogram?

the difference is you bxh for parallelogramand you (bxh)x2 fortrianglea triangle has 4 sides and a parallelogram has 3 obviously they have different areas silly goose. I would know i go to harvard math

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Can a parallelogram and a rectangle have the same perimeters but different areas?


How do the areas of the circle and the parallelogram compare?

They both are areas. Just Kidding. Both of them have to have a height and length.

Why is the area of a rectangle greater than that of a parallelogram?

Not necessarily. In fact, if a rectangle and parallelogram have the same base and height, their areas are equal.

Formula for getting the areas of parallelogram?

base*perpendicular height = area in square units

How much greater is a triangle with a base of 12 in and a height of 17 in than a triangle with a base of 8 in and a height of 15 in?

Comparing the areas: The larger triangle has an areas of 102 sq in the smaller 60 sq in.

In what way was pascal's triangle used?

Two major areas where Pascal's Triangle is in Algebra and Probability.

Two triangle are similar and the ratio of the corresponding sides is 4 3 What is the ratio of their areas?

area of triangle 1 would be 16 and the other triangle is 9 as the ratio of areas of triangles is the square of their similar sides

Why is Pythagorean theorem important in geometry?

It finds the third side of the right triangle when the two sides are available. That helps to figure out the circumference of the triangle, it also helps find the length of the diagonal of the square or a rectangle. It helps finding areas and circumpherences of polygons, it helps with construction of polygons, etc... Generally it is one of the most basic and fundamental theorems.

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