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40 boxes.

240/6 = 40

2010-02-25 20:32:15
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If you had to load 490 boxes into crates and each crate holds 7 boxes how many crates would you need?

70 Crates

How many pencils are there in ten boxes if each box holds two dozen pencils?


There are 144 boxes in a crate. each box holds 72 many bulbs are in a crate?


How many boxes will you need if you need 32 eggs if each box holds 6 eggs?


If I had to pack 4509 cassettes into boxes and each box holds 12 how many boxes will I fill?

4509 divided by 12 = 375.75 or 375 boxes one box only three quarters full. So you would use 376 boxes.

Erin wants to pack 330 cookies in eight boxes If each box holds 36 cookies does Erin have enough boxes?

Who really cares about her cookies what nerd wrote this question?

How much of the cakes each boy should get if 8 boys share 14 cakes?

Each boy should get 7/4 of the cakes

How much of the cakes does each boy of a class get if 8 boys share 14 cakes?

Each boy should get 7/4 of the cakes

There are 3 boxes in each of the box there are another 3 boxes and in each of the last box there are another 3 boxes how many boxes are there?


10 boxes of apples weight 300 pounds the box is 3 pounds when it is empty?

If there are ten boxes then each box & apples combination will weigh 30 pounds. If the box weighs 3 pounds empty then it holds 27 pounds when full.

Ian has 14 boxes of paper and divides then evently between 4 coworkers how may whole boxes did each coworker?


Inside each of three separate equal size boxes are two separate small boxes and inside each of the small boxes there are four even smaller boxes how many boxes are there altogether?

there are 33 boxes because if you count 3 that's 3. then the 2 boxes inside each big box that's 6 small boxes. and that makes 9 boxes. then you have 4 even smaller boxes. 4 multiplied by six makes 24. then you add 9 plus 24 and get 33.

A tank holds 86 liters of water. Bottles holding 3.5 liters each are filled from this tank. How many bottles can be filled completely from this tank?

86/3.5 = 24.57 so answer is 24 complete bottles

How many boxes of Girl Scout cookies are in each case?

There are 12 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in each case.

A store sells boxes of juice in equal-size packs. Garth bought 18 boxes. Rico bought 36 boxes and Mai bought 45 boxes. What is the greatest number of boxes in each pack?

ur bad kid

Victoria is filling jars with tomato sauce Each jar holds two thirds of a pint How many jars can be filled with 30 pints of tomato sauce?


What does Miss Maudie have for the children?

mini cakes for each of them

How many cakes are made each year?


288 pencils in 36 boxes?

288 pencils in 36 boxes, would mean 8 pencils in each box. If you had 288 pencils in each of 36 boxes, you would a total of 10,368 pencils.

How much force is each girl applying to the boxes?

That would depend on how the boxes are moving and how massive they are.

How much will 4 cakes cost at 75c each?


How many cakes are eaten each day in the UK?


How much does a cake cost from Charm City Cakes?

Due to the care they give to each cake and the one-of-a-kind nature of each order, they require a minimum of $1000 on all of our cakes.

How many boxes of 12x12 tiles do you need for a 13x13 room?

13 boxes with 13 tiles in each

There are three separate equally sized boxes and inside each box there are two separate small boxes and inside each boxes the small boxes there are four even smaller boxes how many boxes in all?

3 big ones3 x 2 = 6 intermediate ones3 x 2 x 4 = 24 small onesTotal = 3 + 6 + 24 = 33 boxes in all