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Eight and five over six plus six and three over eight = 365/24 or 155/24

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Which fraction is bigger five over twelve or three over eight?

five over twelve is bigger than three over eight

What is three over eight plus one over four equals?

Five over eight. 5/8

What is the inverse of eight over five?

the inverse is 5 over eight

What is three over eight as a decimal?

Three over eight as a decimal is 0.375

What is four over five multiplied by three over eight equal?

0.3 or 3 over 10.

One over eight multiplied by 3?

Three over eight

Is tree over eight a rational number?

No, but three over eight is.

Is five over eight bigger than nine over ten?

five over eight is less than nine over ten

Eight minus w over ten equals three over five?

yazen is so cool

What is seven over eight minus five over eight?

2/8 or 1/4

What is five over eight plus one over eight?

Type your answer here... 6/8

What is two over eight minus five over eight in simplest form?


Is one over three equal to four over eight?

NO one over three is a third and four over eight is a half.

What is three over five plus six over eight?

one and seven over twenty 1 7/20

What is the LCD of one third and three fourths and five over thirty two and eight over nine?


What is the answer to 2 three over eight plus 1 seven over eight?


What is eight over nine minus three over four?

Five (5) over Thirty six (36). Or, roughly .13888888889.

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

What is five over eight times three over ten?

5/8 x 3/10 is 3/16

What is eight over five as a decimal?


What is five over eight as a percent?


What is the decimal number for forty five over fifty eight?

The decimal number for forty five over fifty eight (45/58) is: 0.775862

What is the reciprocal of eight over five?

5 over 8

Five three over eight minus two one over four?

53/8 − 21/4 = 13/8

What is bigger five over eight or three over four?

3 over 4 is 6 over 8 and is bigger than 5 over 8.