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42/2, 42/3, 42/4, 42/5, 42/6, 42/7, 42/8 and 42/9.

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Q: Eight fraction problem with the number 42?
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Related questions

Is 42 a rational number?

yes any number that that can be made into a fraction is a rational number. 42= 42/1 so it is a rational number

Is -42 a rational number?

yes any number that that can be made into a fraction is a rational number. 42= 42/1 so it is a rational number

What is the factors for this number 42?

The factors for the number 42 are 1,2,3,6,7,14 and 42. This is known as a math problem.

What is eight added to twice a number is 42 when you form an equation?

Eight added to twice a number is 42.Give the number the name of ' X '.8 + 2X = 42' X ' is 17.

What is the answer for 21 over 42?

21 over 42, as a fraction, is 1/2. As a division problem, it's .5

4.42 into a fraction?

4.42 is made into a fraction by saying that 4 is a whole number ,and adding that 42 is out of 100 so your answer is 4 42/100

How do you Turn whole number into a fraction?

place the number OVER 1, so 42 would be written as: 42/1

What is the whole number of 42 over 90?

42/90 is a proper fraction. It is not a whole number and cannot be made into one.

What is the number called when the top number of the fraction is bigger than the bottom number?

It is called a top-heavy fraction. This is called an improper fraction. Example: 45/42 -

How do you convert 42 to a fraction?

You can convert any whole number to a fraction by putting it over one.

What is the improper fraction as a whole number or mixed number in simplest form for 42 over 6?

As a whole number 42/6 = 7

What two digit number is compatible to eight?


How many factors are there for the number 42?

Eight factors.

How many whole number factors does 42 have?

Eight of them.

What is 4.2 as a fraction or a mixed number?

4.2 = 42/10 = 41/5

What fraction of 42 is 28?

fraction of 42 is 28 = 28/42 or 2/3

What fraction of 42 is 6?

To find what fraction of a number a second number is, you need to divide the first number by the second. In this case 42/6 gives us 7. To get the answer, we simply need to take the reciprocal of this, or 1/7 So 6, is 1/7 of 42.

What is 42.065 as a fraction or mix number?

As a mixed number, it is 42 65/1000= 4213/200

How much is 42.75 in fraction?

42.75 in a mixed number is 42 3/4 and in an improper fraction is 171/4.

What is 42 as a fraction?


What is -42 as a fraction?


What is 4.2 as a fraction or mixed number?

42/10 = 4 and 2/10

whats the whole number equal to the fraction below 42/6?


What is positive 42 in a fraction?

42 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 42/1.

How do you change 42 percent to as a fraction?

42/100 - This is in fraction and if you break this then you get 0.42