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10 just 10

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Q: Eighteen out of every 24 people surveyed say they went to at least one movie in November what fraction of the people surveyed went to a movie in November?
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46 was 20 percent of people surveyed how many people were surveyed?

46 is 20% of 230

When a sample was surveyed on their preference for yogurt flavor12 said vanilla 8 said banana total group was 160 how many people were surveyed?

160 people were surveyed.

If 1 out of every 10 people were surveyed in a total of 976 people what is a reasonable estimate of people surveyed?

Around 98 would be a reasonable answer.

Ten out of every 32 people surveyed play among us.What percent of people surveyed play among us?


Only forty percent of people between the ages of eighteen and twenty four read daily newspaper what is the percent as a fraction in simplest form?

two fifths

What does how many people were surveyed?

If I understand the question correctly, the answer is the sample size.

what is the running total of the number of people surveyed is called?

I think it is population.

When 570 people are surveyed and only 123 people tick the box yes what is the percentage?


What is Japan's top religion?

They have freedom of religon in Japan. A 2008 poll carried out by the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute and ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) surveyed 1200 Japanese people on their beliefs from 22 November 2008 to 30 November 2008, and 39% of the surveyed people reported having a religious belief: 34% declared to follow Buddhism, 3% Shinto, 1% Christianity (0.7% Protestantism , 0.2% Catholicism) and 1% other religions. So your answer would be there main religion is Buddhism.

How do you find how many people there are out of a percent?

First, you need to know some value to start with, for instance: 20% of all people surveyed said they thought this answer was fantastic. 60 people thought this answer was terrible. How many people were surveyed? 80% = 60 people 20% = X 60 / .8 = 75 75 - 60 = X Your answer is that 75 total people were surveyed. 15 thought the answer was fantastic. Although, I'm surprised not more people thought so :)

Which term refers to the people from the target population are surveyed or interviewed for a study?


Which terms refers to the people from the target population that are surveyed or interviewed for a study?