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50m = 1.97 inches

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Q: Enter 50mm expressed as feet and inches?
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Related questions

What is 158 cm expressed in foot and inches?

158 cm expressed in feet and inches is 5 feet 2.2 inches.

What is 42 inches expressed with feet and inches?

42 inches is 3 feet and 6 inches.

What is 162 cm expressed in feet and inches?

5 feet 3 inches.

What is 179.5cm expressed in feet and inches?

179.5 centimeters is equivalent to 5 feet 10.7 inches.

Why is 1 meter expressed as Feet and Inches in decimals and not fractions of feet and inches?

when we convert meters into feet and Inches the resulting number (it is actually a irrational number) cannot be expressed as a fraction ob inches so it is left as a decimal number to the accuracy we desire.

How tall is 53 inches?

53 inches is equivalent to 4.41666667 or 4.42 feet rounded off. It is also expressed as 4 feet, 5 inches in height.

What is 165m expressed in feet?

165 meters is 541 feet and 4.06 inches.

What is 163 cm expressed in feet and inches?

163 cm = 5 foot 4.2 inches.

What is 36 cm expressed in feet and inches?

36 cm = 1 foot 2.17 inches

How is 16.8 yards expressed as feet and inches?

50 feet 4 and 7/8 inch

How do you convert 25 feet to inches?

multiply by 12, or go to and enter "convert 25 feet into inches"

What is 4.2 cm expressed in feet and inches?

4.2 cm = 1.654 inches or 4.2 cm = 0.138 feet

In the U.S. Customary System distance is expressed in?

The units used are mainly inches, feet, yards, miles.

How do I write a program that inputs the length of two pieces of fabric in feet and inches (as whole numbers) and prints the total. Enter the Feet for the first piece of fabric 3 Enter the Inches for?

An example: Feet for first piece of fabric: 2 Inches for first piece of fabric: 7 Feet for 2nd piece of fabric: 2, Inches for 2nd piece of fabric: 6 I need the program to print: Feet: 5 Inches: 1

How do I write a program that inputs the length of two pieces of fabric in feet and inches as whole numbers and prints the total?

#include <stdio.h> int main (void) { unsigned f1, i1, f2, i2; scanf ("Enter the 1st length in feet and inches: %u%u", f1, i1); scanf ("Enter the 2nd length in feet and inches: %u%u", f2, i2); unsigned inches = i1 + i2 + (12 * (f1 + f2)); // sum the inches (convert feet to inches) unsigned feet = inches / 12; // convert inches to feet inches %= 12; // determine the remaining inches printf ("The total length is %u feet %u inches.\n", feet, inches); return 0; }

What is 1150 cm expressed in feet and inches?

1150 cm = 37' 8.8"

How many linear feet are in a 8 foot log 16 inches wide?

Either 8 feet (length) or 16 inches (width). As soon as you combine them you have a measure of area which cannot be expressed in linear feet.

What is 9.56 inches converted to feet?

To convert 9.56 inches to feet, use the conversion of 12 inches to 1 foot. The conversion ration expressed as a fraction is 1ft/12in. So, 9.56 in. times 1ft/12 inches equals 9.56/12 ft. This simplifies to .79666666... feet.

How do you calculate lineal feet from 50 wide 738 square inches?

It is area/width, expressed in feet. The area is 738 square inches, but there are no measurement units for the width (50) and so it is not possible to answer the question.

How many ft in 52.5 inches?

4 ft and 4.5 inches. This can be expressed as 4.375 feet if you want it to be as a decimal with only feet, but that really isn't the way that we talk about length in English.

How many gallons of water are in a aquarium 20wX32hx18?

It depends on the units in which the measures are expressed: inches, feet etc.

How many feet equals 101 cm?

To convert centimetres to feet, divide the number by 30.48. 101 / 30.48 = 3.31 feet (correct to two decimal places). This can be better expressed as a number of feet and inches - 101 centimetres is equal to 39.8 inches, correct to one decimal place. There are 12 inches in one foot, therefore 39.8 / 12 = 3 feet 3.8 inches.

What sort of punctuation is used to express inches?

A single quotation mark after the number of inches, example 40". Feet are expressed by using an apostrophe, example 5'.

How do you convert centimeters to feet and inches?

-- Divide the number of centimeters by 2.54 to get the same length expressed in inches. -- Replace each 12 inches by 1 foot.

74 inches equals how many feet?

One foot is equivalent to 12 inches. 74 / 12 = 6.167 (correct to 3 decimal places) Thus, 74 inches can be expressed as 6.167 feet, or more conveniently, 6 feet and 2 inches. By the way, 1 inch is approximately 2.58cm