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Q: Equality has been reached in America?
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What do you think feminism is and have women reached full equality with men?

Feminism is the movement seeking equality between the sexes socially and economically. No, women haven't reached any sort of equality with men.

Have African Americans achieved equality?

America has grown as a nation concerning achieving racial equality in the aspect that many races have been able to achieve a substantial amount of success.

Who reached north America first Columbous or Ericson?

Leif Ericson beat Columbus to it by about 500 years. Ericson reached north America first. Later, Columbus reached central America, but he never actually reached north America.

How many people from america have climbed mt everest?

As of the end of 2016 there has been 722 climbers from America who have reached the summit of Mount Everest.

How has equality been achieved?

Equality in what? I don't believe there's proper equality in anything.

When did the nordic explorers reach America?

They reached North America 500 years before Columbus reached the Bahamas.

What did the independence of America lead to?

Independence of America led to greater social equality.

What are the goals that Dr King laid out for America?

Economic equality, Equal treatment, Equality of Justice, Freedom

Has martin Luther kings goal for America been reached?

i think yes because more people are getting along

How did independence lead to greater social equality in America?

Independence lead to greater social equality in America because during the fight for independence rich and poor fought together. Women were gained more equality after the war too.

What are the at test answers to holes?

after Eyla Yelnats reached america he

What was the result of bill Russell speaking about racism and a lack of equality in America?

Bill Russell became less popular around the nation after speaking out about racism and a lack of equality in America.