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Q: Equality of result policies are primarily directed at?
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What do you hope to gain as a result of being aware of racial issues?


Is the earth's shape is primarily the result of magnetism?

Earth's shape is primarily the result of:

Rapid suburbanization in the 1950's was primarily the result of?

Rapid suburbanization in the 1950s was primarily the result of increased availability of automobiles, construction of highways, and the desire for larger homes and yards away from the city. These factors, combined with government policies promoting suburban development, led to a mass exodus of people from urban areas to the suburbs.

What do you hope to gain as a result of aware of racial issues?


Why did they believe that revolution was the only way to make the change they wanted?

The King of France was far too intransigent to make the reforms necessary to promote the liberty, equality, and brotherhood that the reformers wished to bring about. As a result, they wanted a new political regime to bring about their policies.

What is equality experiencing for the first time in this chapter and what does he feel as a result?

he was experancing light

What is the multiuplication property of Equality?

That means that when you multiply both sides of an equality by the same (non-zero) number or expression, the result set doesn't change.

Earth's shape is primarily the result of what factor?


What does this timeline suggest about the feminist movement?

the movement's goal of political equality has not been fully achieved the movement pursued social, legal, and political equality. legislation that addressed the goals of the movement did not always result in real equality

What was the result of japan and trade policies with Europe?

very good 100%

What is meant by gender equality?

gener equality is when woman have less power than men do or vice versa the social content the result in women not having equal rights

Does conduction make wind?

No. wind is primarily a result of convection.