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(360) / (180 - n) n= interior angle in this case it will work like this: 360/(180-120) 360/(60) 6, so the number of sides is six.

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Q: Equation on how to find no of sides using interior angle 120?
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How do you find the amount of sides of a shape using it's interior angle?

for a polygon you use order of operations with this equation: [# of side subtracted by 2] multiply by 180= your answer

What is the interior and exterior angle for a regular decagon?

A decagon is a polygon with 10 sides. By using the interior and exterior postulates, you can find the angle measures, which happen to be 144 and 36 degrees respectively.

How many sides does a regular polygon have if each angle measures 144 degrees?

We have the interior angle 144∘ . We can find the number of sides using the formula as follows. Thus, the polygon has 10 angles and 10 sides.

What is the sum of an interier angle of and octagen?

The sum of all the interior angles of any octagon is 1080 degrees, so that means that each angle is 135 degrees. You can find the measure of all the interior angles of any ploygon by using this equation: (number of sides in the polygon subtracted by 2) all multiplied by 180.

How many sides does a polygon have when the measure of each interior angle is 144?

A regular polygon with interior angles of 144 degrees has 10 sides. Using the fact that a regular n-gon has interior angles of degree (n-2)*180/n, you can solve for the number of sides fairly easily.

Do you have to measure the sides while measuring an angle?

When measuring an angle you have to measure the sides using a protractor.

What are the 3 trig ratios and how do they work?

A right angle triangle has three sides and three interior angles one of which is 90 degrees. The names of its sides are the adjacent the opposite and the hypotenuse and using the 3 trig ratios we can find the interior angles or lengths of the sides depending on the information given.Tangent angle = opposite/adjacentSine angle = opposite/hypotenuseCosine angle = adjacent/hypotenuseIf we are given the lengths of 2 sides we can work out the angles with the above ratios.If we are given a length and an angle we can work out the lengths of the other 2 sides by rearranging the above ratios.

How do you solve for the interior angle using only the exterior angle?

a circle is 360 degrees. so whatever exterior angle u have u can subtract it from 360 to see what the interior angle is!

Would Without using a protractor what info would you need to get the measure of an exterior angle?

You would need to know the interior angle because 180-interior angle = exterior angle

What is the angle measure for each interior angle of a pentakaidecagon?

A pentakaidecagon (or pentadecagon) is a 15-sided figure, using the theorem:[180 x (n-2)]/n to find the angle measurement of each angle (where n is the number of sides) we get 156 degrees.

What is the formula used to calculate the number of sides in a polygon using its angle measures?

Let S be the sum of the measures of all the interior angles, in degrees. Then the number of sides is S/180 + 2.

What is the interior angle of a pentagon?

The measurement of an interior angle of a pentagon depends on whether the pentagon is a "regular pentagon". The sum of the measures of the interior angles of any polygon can be calculated using the formula (n-2)180, where n = the number of sides. If the pentagon is a regular pentagon, then all of the interior angles are congruent (i.e. : 144 degrees). Interior angle is the inside angle of any angular object. A triangle for instance has three outside angles and three interior angles, the angles of the points from the inside.

Can the measure of interior angle of a regular polygon can be found using 2 n-4 x 9 if n equals number of sides?

The formula is normally: (n-2)*180 = sum of interior angles whereas 'n' is the number of sides of the polygon

Calculating how many sides a Regular polygon has?

The name tells you how many sides. If you are given one external angle, say A, then you know that the number of sides multiplied by A =360 since the sum of the exterior anlges is 360. If you are given the sum of the interior angles, you can find the number of side using the formula that sum of interior angles =(number of sides-2)180 degrees.

If an interior angle of a regular polygon is 168 degrees what is the name of the polygon?

It is a triacontagon, or 30-sided shape.The formula for one interior angle of a regular n-sided polygon is 180(n-2)/nwhere 180 (28) / 30 = 168*You can QUICKLY and EASILY find the answer using the formula for one exterior angle : it is 360/n360/30 = 12 and the interior angle is 180-12 = 168.The algebraic equation is(180-168) n = 360

How many diagonals does a regular polygon have when an interior angle is 157.5 degrees?

Exterior angle: 180-157.5 = 22.5 degrees Number of sides: 360/22.5 = 16 Using the diagonal formula: 0.5*(162-48) = 104 diagonals

What is the measure of each interior angle in an triangle?

using the equation (A-2)180 Where A is the number of angles in a polygon with equivalent angles. (8-2)180 (6)180 1080 degrees total. 1080 / 8 = 135 degrees per angle. 1080 is the total degrees of all interior angles. 8 is the number of angles.

Pythagorean theorem what is the equation for 27 feet 36 cft?

If the sides of a right angle triangle are 27 ft and 36 ft then by using Pythagoras' theorem its hypotenuse works out as 45 ft

How do you find an unknown angle of a triangle without having a length of one of the sides using sohcahtoa?

If you have the length of two of the sides and one other angle you can use the law of sines.

How do you find an angle of a parallelogram using sides?

You cannot. A parallelogram can be flexed: the angles can be altered without affecting the lengths of the sides.

What is tan on a scientific calculator?

It is a trigonometric equation for a right triangle, to find a non-right-angle angle. Using SOHCAHTOA, it is the opposite side divided by the adjacent angle

How can you find the sum of the angle measures in a 14 polygon?

By using formula: (n-2)*180 = sum of interior angles whereas n is number of sides And so: (14-2)*180 = 2160 degrees

How do you calculate the interior angle in a quadrilateral?

The 4 interior angles of any 4 sided quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees and using a protractor will prove it.

What is the sum of the interior angles of a polygon with 33 sides?

Sum of interior angles of any polygon is 180 degrees.Another Answer:-The interior angles of a polygon with 33 sides add up to 5580 degrees using the formula (33-2)*180 = 5580

What are the degrees in the interior angles of a 6-sided polygon?

The formula for determining the measurement of the interior angle of a general polygon with n sides is: 180°(n - 2)/n Given the 6-sided polygon, let n = 6. Then, by using the form above, we obtain: 180°(6 - 2)/6 = 30° * 4 = 120° Therefore, 120° is the measurement of the interior angle of a 6-sided regular polygon.