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Q: Every person who lives in new york must live in the usa rewrite the conditional, write the inverse of the conditional, write the contrapositive. what conclusion can you make about the truth of the conditional and its converse, and contapositive?
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What is the converse of the inverse of the conditional of the contrapositive?

The converse of an inverse is the contrapositive, which is logically equivalent to the original conditional.

What is the inverse of the contrapositive of the converse?

This would be logically equivalent to the conditional you started with.

What also is true if a conditional statement is true A its contrapositive B its converse C its inverse D none of these?

A conditional statement is true if, and only if, its contrapositive is true.

State the converse the contrapositive and the inverse what conditional statement If the television is on you will not do homework?


What are the types of conditional statements?

Conditional - p to q converse -q to p inverse - ~p to ~q Contrapositive - ~q to ~p Bi- COntional - If and only if P- hypothesis Q - Conclusion ~ opposite

Statements that always have the same truth-value are what?

conditional and contrapositive + converse and inverse

What is the negation and interchanging of the hypothesis?

When the negation of the hypothesis is switched with the conclusion, this is referred to as contrapositive. When the hypothesis and the conclusion are switched, this is called converse.

The statement formed by exchanging the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement?


What does converse statement mean?

Switching the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement.

Inverse Converse contrapositive?


What is a statement that switches the hypothesis and the conclusion of a conditional?

The statement in which the hypothesis becomes the conclusion and vice-versa is called the Converse.

Is The inverse is the negation of the converse?

No, the inverse is not the negation of the converse. Actually, that is contrapositive you are referring to. The inverse is the negation of the conditional statement. For instance:P → Q~P → ~Q where ~ is the negation symbol of the sentence symbols.

What is converse inverse and contrapositive?

if the statement is : if p then q converse: if q then p inverse: if not p then not q contrapositive: if not q then not

What is the conjunction of a conditional statement and its converse?

A biconditional is the conjunction of a conditional statement and its converse.

What is a contra positive statement?

Conditional statements are also called "if-then" statements.One example: "If it snows, then they cancel school."The converse of that statement is "If they cancel school, then it snows."The inverse of that statement is "If it does not snow, then they do not cancel school.The contrapositive combines the two: "If they do not cancel school, then it does not snow."In mathematics:Statement: If p, then q.Converse: If q, then p.Inverse: If not p, then not q.Contrapositive: If not q, then not p.If the statement is true, then the contrapositive is also logically true. If the converse is true, then the inverse is also logically true.

What does converse mean in math?

The definition of converse in math, or more specifically logical reasoning, is the switching of the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement. An example is if it is raining then there are clouds in the sky. The converse is if there are clouds in the sky then it is raining.

What is the converse of If n2 equals 64 then n equals 8?

Conditional statement: If n2 equals 64, then n equals 8, where n2 equals 64 is the hypothesis, and n equals 8 is the conclusion. In order to obtain the converse of the conditional we reverse the 2 clauses, then the original conclusion becomes the new hypothesis and the original hypothesis becomes the new conclusion. So that, Converse: If n equals 8, then n2 equals 64.

Is this statement true or falseThe conditional is the negation of the converse.?


What is a statement formed by switching the hypothesis and the conclusion of a conditional statement called?

this statement is called the converse.. ex: if the sky is blue, then the sun is out. converse: if the sun is out, then the sky is blue.

What is a converse of a conditional statement?

It is the biconditional.

What is the converse of this You can do it We can help?

if then form: if you can do it, then we can help converse: if we help, then you can do it. inverse: if you cant do it, then we cant help contrapositive: if we cant help, then you cant do it.

What is a Converse in geomtry?

Well first you have to read the conditional statement and find out what the hypothesis is and what the conclusion is. Next you just switch the hypothesis and conclusion and put them in an if-then statement. Example: If someone is a football player, then they are an athlete. Hypothesis: someone is a football player Conclusion: they are an athlete Converse: If someone is an athlete, then they play football. *NOTE* You are allowed to change some of the words and just because the conditional statement is true doesn't mean that the converse will be true. *Hope this helps. Sorry its kinda longer then most answers.*

when the biconditional statement is separated into a conditional and its converse, which of these cannot be the converse?

If a number is nonzero, then the number is positive.

When a conditional and its converse are true you can combine them as a true what?


Is the converse of a true conditional statment is always true?

yes it is

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