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1 inch = 1 mile.

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Q: Example of a scale factor in math?
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How do you find the scale factor in math?

well.... first off you have to find the scale factor...

What is a scale written as a ratio in its simplest form in math?

scale factor

What to learn in seventh grade?

We learn many things for an example in math we learn strenching a shrinking an shapes to find the scale factor or more.

The type of scale 124000 is an example of?

The scale 1:24000 is a numerical factor scale, equivalent to a large scale map.

How do you find the scale factor from 1 polygon to the other?

You cannot. There is no scale factor between an irregular pentagon and an equilateral triangle, for example.

How do you find a scale factor in math?

To find the scale factors of two objects, you need to compare the ratios of things like their sizes, areas, volumes, and length. For example, if one is given a volume of 7 for a shape, and a second shape has a volume of 14, you have to compare the volume ratio of these two shapes to find the scale factor. This scale factor is 1 to 2, or the volume of the second shape is twice the first one. Scale factors are useful for scale drawings.

What is pointer explain scale factor of a pointer using example?

Pointer is an address (or a variable holding an address). Scale factor is something completely unrelated.

What is an example of factor in math?

A factor is a number that divides evenly into another number with no remainder. 3 is a factor of 9. 4 is not a factor of 9.

Sentence with scale in it in math?

"Bring the scale and let's weigh these math books."

How does a scale factor relate to a scale factor?


How do you dilate a scale factor?

You increase the scale factor.

What is an example of a scale factor?

If a big triangle has a base length of 6, and a small triangle has a corresponding base length of 3, the scale factor from large to small is 2/1 (or 2). The scale factor from small to large would be 1/2.

What are the relationship between the area scale factor and the side length scale factor of similar figures?

The area scale factor is the square of the side length scale factor.

What does the word Scale factor mean in math?

the number used to muliplpy the lengths of a figure to stretch or shrink it to a similar image.

What does scale mean in math?

A scale in Math is used in a chart. For example, if you wanted to make a chart such as "Tickets Sold", a scale would be usually the number of tickets sold. It is also usually done in a pattern such as 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and so on.

What is the scale factor of a 3 sided shape?

1 shape cannot have a scale factor. A scale factor is something (a factor) that relates one shape to another.

How does scale factor relate to perimeter?

Scale factor and perimeter are related because if the scale factor is 2, then the perimeter will be doubled. So whatever the scale factor is, that is how many times the perimeter will be enlarged.

What is the relationship between scale factor and area?

The area is directly proportional to the square of the scale factor. If the scale factor is 2, the area is 4-fold If the scale factor is 3, the area is 9-fold If the scale factor is 1000, the area is 1,000,000-fold

Why is a logarithmic scale used for antibody concentration?

From a math point of view, a logarithmic scale is used when there is a great range of values. Common example are the Ph scale for acidity, decibels for noise, and the Richter scale for earthquakes.

What is a scale in math?

A scale, in math as in other fields where measuring is required, is a set of numbers that measure something.

What is a math scale?

A math scale is a set of numbers or amounts used to measure or compare the level of something .

What is a scale drawing in math?

The scale drawing in math is fun. You have to know the challenge level of the basic Mathematics.

How do you find a scale factor?

A scale Factor is Algbrea so you have to... x - + and/or divided.

How do you figure out the scale factor of a circle?

how do you find the scale factor of two circles

What is the scale factor of 24 ft?

A scale factor requires two measures.