Example of inverse proportion

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Example of inverse proportion is:

Density = Mass/Volume

Because the formula represents that the density is directly proportional to the

mass while density is inversely proportional to volume.

Remember that inversely proportional means that if variable A increases, the variable B decreases, and if variable B increases, the variable A decreases.

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Q: Example of inverse proportion
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Is this an example of direct or inverse proportion?


What do you know about direct proportion and inverse proportion?

direct proportion: y=kx inverse proportion: y=k/x

Differentiate direct proportion from inverse proportion?

when both increaes its direct proportion and when one increase and othe decreases its inverse proportion.

What are the 4 kinds of proportionality in physics?

Direct Proportion Inverse Proportion Direct square Proportion Inverse Square Proportion Hope it helps :)

What is the opposite of proportion?

Inverse is the opposite of proportion

What da hell is inverse proportion?

Inverse proportion is a mathematical concept and has nothing whatsoever to do with religious concepts such as hell.

What is the graph of an inverse proportion?


The graph of an inverse proportion is?


What is an inverse proportion?

Two variables are said to be in inverse proportion if their product is a constant.So, if X and Y are in inverse proportion, thenXY = k or Y = k/X for some constant k.If you double X then Y is halved. If you decrease X by a factor of 3 then Y is trebled.A common example is Speed and Time for covering a fixed Distance.

What is inverse proportion?

Inverse proportion is when one value increases, as the other decreases. For example the number of builders building a wall and the number of days it takes to build a wall are 2 quantities in inverse proportion because the more builders there are, the less time it takes to build the wall (there are more people working on it, so it will be built quickly). As the number of builders increases, the number of days to build the wall decreases. This is inverse proportion.

What are the examples of inverse proportion for Grade 6?

The speed triangle is a good example. The faster you go, the quicker you will arrive at your destination.

Take few examples from daily life to explain the concept of inverse proportion'?

Take few examples from daily life to explain the concept of "Inverse proportion".