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visithttp:/ it gives good definition of moderator variable

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Q: Examples of moderating variable
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What is moderating variable?

A variable that influences, or moderates the relation between two other variables and thus produces an interaction effect is called moderating variable

What are the four different types of independent variables?

Measured variable, control variable, treatment variable and moderating variable

Make up three situations in which motivation to work would be an independent variable an intervening variable and a moderating variable?

motivation to work is a moderating varaible , because it is not aleways consisitent adn there are various factors which go about in making a person work

What is the difference between moderating and extraneous variables?

Extraneous variable a.k.a. Confounding vaiable is a variable that affects an independent variable n also afects a dependent variable at d same time confounding relatnship btn the independent and dependent variable. Mediating variable a.k.a. Intervening variable, it is a variable forming a link btn two variables that are causualy conected.

Rules used in naming variable Give examples?

Rules used in naming variable Give examples

What are some examples of a scientific variable?

Some examples of a scientific variable is Independent Variable Control Variables :)

Examples of dependent variable?


What are some examples of Variable Expenses?


1 What are the rules used in naming variable Give examples?

1. What are the rules used in naming variable? Give examples.

What are some examples of constants in science?

A constant variable is a variable that gets changed by a physical substance

What are examples of fixed and variable cost factory?

examples of fixed cost factory are salary, rent, electricity bills while variable cost are purchase of raw materials,

What are examples of fixed and variable cost in an airline company?

Some of the Variable costs are Fuel Cost, energy, and operating cost

What are some examples of constant variables in science?

A constant variable is a variable that gets changed by a physical substance

What are some examples of semi variable cost?


What would probably be a variable cost in a soda bottling plant?

examples of variable cost in a soda bottling plant.

Examples of independent variable and dependent variable?

A dependent variable is a factor being measured in a experiment

What is one variable data What is two variable data?

One variable data are measurements or recordings of the values of one characteristic of the subjects which are being studied. Two variable data refer to two characteristics. Examples of one variable data: hair colour, or height Examples of two variable data: hair colour and eye colour, or height and mass.

What does moderating effect mean?

no spellling erreors occursed

What does it moderating mean?

Watching over

How do you clear a variable in PHP?

You can unset a variable in PHP by setting it to NULL. You can set a variable to NULL by declaring it normally, or using the function "unset()". Both methods are acceptable, and accomplish the same thing. Examples of both: ---- $variable = NULL; ---- unset($variable); ----

Examples of semi variable direct costs?

An example of semi variable direct costs is wages. Since semi variable costs are partially fixed and variable, regular labor is fixed costs, as production rises and workers have overtime the overtime is considered the variable cost.

Examples of constant variable?

A constant variable is one that does not change during an experiment. If your experiment includes a dozen cupcakes and that number does not change throughout your experiment, the dozen cupcakes is a constant variable.

Sites that need moderating?

forums mostly.

What are the rule used in naming a variable Give examples?

variable is a character or number sequence of a character is called array name

Examples of an independent variable?

Time is one. Another would be calculating the number of seeds that have certain lengths. The independent variable would be the length.

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