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Divide the denominator into the numerator. Multiply that total by 100.

3/4 = 0.75 = 75%

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Q: Explain How do you write a fraction as percent?
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How do you write 5 percent as a fraction?

Write 5 percent as a fraction is 5/100.

How do you write half of one percent as a percent?

No you write it as a fraction as a fraction =1/2 as a decimal =0.5 as a percentage = 50%

Write the percent of 85 percent in a fraction?


How do you write 101 percent in fraction form?

101 percent in fraction form = 101/100

Write 50 percent as a fraction?

50 percent can be written as the following fraction: 1/2

How do you write 0.036 percent as a reduced fraction?

0.036 percent as a reduced fraction = 9/25000

How do you write 135 percent as a fraction?


Write the percent as a fraction with a denominator of?


How can you write 100 percent as fraction?


What is 80 percent in a fraction and decimal?

As a fraction, you can write it as 8/10. As a decimal, you can write it as 0.8.

How write 129 percent in fraction?

129% = 129/100 in fraction

How do you write 2 percent as a fraction?

2% as a fraction is 1/50

How do you write 93 percent as a fraction?

93% = 93/100 in fraction

How do write 59 percent as a fraction?

59% = 59/100 in fraction

How do you write 1 percent as fraction?

1% = 1/100 in fraction

How do you write 247 percent as a fraction fraction?

247% = 247/100

How do you write 247 percent as a fraction?

247% as a fraction is 247/100

How do you write a percent as mixed fraction?

what i would really like to know is why when i write how do write a PERCENT as a MIXED FRACTION this stupid site decides i want to know how you convert a MIXED FRACTION into a PERCENTAGE! :P

Write percent as fraction for 18 percent?

18% = 9/50

How do you write fraction as a decimal and a percent?

To write a fraction as a decimal, do the indicated division. 3/4 = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75 To write a decimal as a percent, multiply by 100. 0.75 = 75 percent

How do you write 17 percent as a fraction?

You write it as 17/10017/100

How do you write 18 percent percent?

18 percent percent written as a decimal fraction is 0.0018

How would you write 73 percent as a fraction?

73% as a fraction is: 73/100

Write 0.46 as a fraction and a percent?

It is 46/100 as a fraction and 46% as a percentage.

How do you write 55 and a half percent as fraction?

55.5% = 111/200 as a fraction