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here spp(slots per pole per phase)is a frictional no. it is a double layer winding while m=s/3p is non integer in a frictional slot winding.

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Q: Explain fractional slot winding and related calculations?
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What is concentrated winding?

a winding is called concentrated winding when the number of slots per pole per phase is fractional

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A centrifugal switch is used on the starting winding of fractional HP motors. It is used to start the motor one the start winding and at a predesignated rotational speed the switch opens to de-energize the start winding and the motor carries on running on the run winding. Another device that should be on compressor motors is an unloader valve. Sometimes it is electrical driven and other times it is mechanical. It is used to used to unload the pressure from the compression cylinders. Without this pressure being unloaded the motor has to start against the pressure in the cylinder head and the added current draw on the motor is sometimes enough to trip the overload protection of the motor.

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An 'armature winding' is the rotor winding, and the 'field winding' is the stator winding.

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