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One tenth can be written as the fraction 1/10. To see how many 1000s are in it, multiply the top and bottom by 100 since 10x100 is 1000. You have 100/1000 which tells you there are 100 thousands in 1/10

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Q: Explain how many thousandths are in one TENTH?
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Related questions

How many thous in one tenth?

100 thous (thousandths) in one tenth.

How many thousandths are in one tenth?


How many thousandths to make one tenth?

100 of them.

How many thousandths when added together equal one tenth?

100 of them.

What is one hundred thousandths?

One hundred thousandths reduces to one tenth.

Are there one hundred thousandths in one tenth?


What is 0.115 in a expanded word form?

one tenth plus one hundredth plus five thousandths

Is 100 mm larger or smaller than 1 meter?

Smaller. A millimeter is a THOUSANDTH of a meter, so one hundred thousandths are one tenth.100 mm = 0.1 m = 10cm

What is one hundred twenty-five thousandths rounded to the nearest tenth?

The answer is 0.1

How do you write 0.100 into words?

A hundred thousandths. Although one tenth would be easier.

How do you write out 3 plus 0.1 plus 0.006 in word form?

three plus one tenth plus six thousandths equals three and one hundred and six thousandths

Gerald walked 6 tenth miles to the market Later in the day he walked 640 thousandths miles to his cousin's house Which walk was longer Explain how you know?

The best way to figure this out is by knowing decimal places, and then writing out the numbers to compare which is greater. For example, one-tenth = 0.1, one-hundredth = 0.01, and one-thousandth = 0.001. So, if wanting to compare six-tenths of a mile to 640-thousandths of a mile, write them out: six-tenths = 0.6 (or 0.600) six hundred forty-thousandths = 0.640 Since 0.640 > 0.6, six hundred forty-thousandths is the greater number and hence the longer walk. If getting confused about the "six hundred forty-thousandths," think of it this way: what is nine-thousandths? It's 0.009. So ten-thousandths would be 0.010. Then, ninety nine-thousandths would be 0.099, and one hundred-thousandths would be 0.100.

What is one hundred twenty five thousandths rounded to the nearest tenth?

It would be 0.1! Your welcome!

How many thousandths in a millionth?

There is one thousandths of one.

How many thousandths are in one?

There are 1000 thousandths in one.

What is the tenth place in a decimal number?

the right of the decimal 0.0000 1st one to the right=tenths 2nd one to the right=hunredths 3rd one to the right=thousandths 4th one=ten thousandths aint that right ?

How do you write the decimal form of 3.100 in word form?

Three and one hundred thousandths which is equivalent to Three and one tenth

How do you write one thousandths as decimal?

Decima means ten. So, one tenth is 0.1, one hundredth is 0.01, one thousandth is 0.001.

How many one is in one tenth?

One tenth of one

How many thousandths are in one hundred?

100,000 thousandths.

How many thousandths are in one hundreth?

10 thousandths

How do you write 3.100 in words with decimals?

Three and one hundred thousandths if the trailing 0s are significant digits, or three and one tenth otherwise.

How many thousandths equal one inch?

There are one thousand thousandths of an inch in one inch.

How many thousandths in one billion?

1,000,000,000 is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) thousandths.

How many grams are there in one tenth of a gram?

Exactly one tenth of one.

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How many thousandths are in one tenth?

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