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you find the perimeter of one side and multiply it by how many you have the same number.

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Q: Explain how you can use multiplication to find the primeter of a square?
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How do you find the primeter of a square?

The perimeter is the length of the outside. If you know the length of one side, multiply that times four to get the perimeter.

What is the primeter square with 7.5m sides?

To find this answer, use the perimeter formula for a rectangle and plug in the numbers. (l+w)(2) (7.5+7.5)(2) 15(2) 30m

Explain how to use the associative properties of addition and multiplication to find sums mentally?

use mental math

How you can use multiplication to find the perimeter of a square?

Take the measurement of one side of the square and multiply it by 4.

Explain how you can use multiplication to find the perimeter of a square?

The formula of a square is P = 4s. We can set up the table via setting up the columns of perimeter and the value of s integers, which goes something like this: P(1) = 4 P(2) = 8 P(3) = 12 P(4) = 16 P(5) = 20 ..and so on. But this is not the multiplication table. The multiplication table would have 4's on the side column and the increasing integers for the top row.

How do you find the primeter?

all u need to do is is add lenght by lenght and wighth by wighth

To find square root of 44100?

The square root of 44,100 = ± 210can u explain this...tell mein the procedure of finding the square root

What is a multiplication facts can you double to find 4×7?

What is a multiplication fact that can you double to find 4×7

Where can I find a printable mathematical multiplication table?

Hi there you can find the website for multiplication tables., This should be the correct answer as I an Alfred Nobel

How can you use multiplication factors to find a diviaion factor?

Multiplication factors cannot be used to find divination factors.

What word is the numbers multiplied together to find a product?

i call it multiplication

Why can multiplication be used for solving division?

so when you find your answer you can check it by using multiplication.