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Explain surd to me as mathematics topic?

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Surds are based on roots.

Root 8 can be split into root 4 and root 2; as there's a root to 4, get that number, and multiply it by the remaining root.

So root 8 = 2 root 2.

Root 40 would be 2 root 10

Root 48 would be root 4, root 4, root 3

Root 48 = 4 root 3.

2011-11-01 11:19:13
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Q: Explain surd to me as mathematics topic?
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What is an infinite surd?

Infinite surd is a term used in mathematics. The definition of an infinite surd is a never ending irrational number with an exact value that would be left in square root form.

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Is 5 a surd?

Yes it is a surd

What is a square root of surd?

If the value of the surd is positive, then it will be another surd. Otherwise it will be a complex number.

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A surd is the square root of an integer (whole number), e.g. square root of 2 is a surd. Pi is not the square root of an integer so not a surd, just an irrational number

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A surd in the form a√b cannot, in general, be simplified.

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A surd is an irrational number that can't be expressed as a fraction as for example the square root of 2

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[square root (78)] squared = 78. There is not a surd from for an integer.

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Yes the square root of 2 is a surd which is an irrational number that can't be expressed as a fraction.

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