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similarities and differences between ordinary fractions and rational expressions.

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What are the similarities of fraction and rational?

All fractions with integer numerator and non-zero integer denominator are rational, and conversely.

What are dissimilar fractions or rational expressions?

For example: 1/2+1/4+1/8 are dissimilar fractions but also a rational expression that can be simplified to 7/8

What are the similarities between rational numbers and whole numbers?

They both can be expressed as fractions whereas irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions.

Are fractions integers or rational numbers?

Fractions are not integers. They may or may not be rational numbers.

What fraction having rational expression in its numerator or denominator or both?

If you divide a rational expression by another rational expression, you will again get a rational expression.

Are mixed fractions rational?

Yes, mixed fractions are rational

What are the similarities between rational numbers and fractions?

Rational numbers are, in essence, numbers that can be written as fractions using two integers (one for the numerator, the other for the denominator). Not all fractions are rational numbers, though; it is possible to write a pattern describing a fraction that goes on forever to represent irrational numbers like pi.

What fractions are rational numbers?

All fractions are rational numbers.

Are fractions with whole numbers rational?

Short answer - yes, fractions with whole numbers are rational. All whole numbers are rational. All fractions are rational. Rational numbers can be added to always make another rational number.

Are all rational numbers fractions?

No. All integers are also rational and they are not fractions.

Is a rational number is a rational expression?

Any number that can be expressed as a fraction is a rational number otherwise it is an irrational number.

Are fractions irrational?

Fractions are rational by definition.

Is 2.7064 rational or irrational?

This number is rational - all fractions, including decimal fractions and mixed numbers are rational.

Are fractions irational numbers?

No, because all fractions are rational numbers

How do you Find rational numbers between fractions?

All fractions are rational numbers because irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions

What is the rational expression of 1 divided by 3z plus 5?

The expression written in the question is the rational expression.

Is 3 a rational number?

Yes it is.Rational numbers can be written are fractions. three is a rational number.

Are some fractions rational numbers?

All fractions with whole numbers on top and bottom are rational numbers,and many fractions with decimals on top or bottom, or both, are also rationalnumbers.

What are rational rumbers?

Numbers that can be expressed as fractions are rational

what is rational or irrational numbers?

The difference is that rational numbers can be expressed as fractions whereas irrational numbers can not be expressed as fractions.

Which numbers are rational?

All numbers that can be expressed as fractions are rational

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