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support opinions with facts

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Q: Explanatory passages present both sides are objective?
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What is the ability to see both sides of a subject?


Where attribute must be present for a quadrilateral to also be a trapezoid?

No. A trapezoid is defined as a quadrilateral with two parallel sides. Therefore, the quality of quadrilateral is necessary, and this condition is satisfied. ... Any other shape can have four sides, but if it does not have (at least) two parallel sides, it cannot be a trapezoid.

What do the measures of the interior angles approach as the number of sides increases?

As the number of sides increases, the number of interior angles increases,and if the polygon is regular, the measure of each individual interior anglealso increases, always getting closer and closer to 180 degrees each.Eventually, if this keeps going to a ridiculous extreme, the figure keeps gettingcloser to the special polygon with an infinite number of sides and an infinitenumber of 180-degree interior angles, called a "circle".--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The formula for calculating the interior angle of one angle of a regular polygon is 180*(n-2)/n, where n is the number of sides. If you do a range of calculations for polygons with increasing numbers of sides, (you could stop at 1,000!) you will observe the truth of the explanatory statement given in the first paragraph above.

Names of theire sides and the name of polygons?

The first ten polygons in order of names and sides are as follows:- Triangle has 3 sides Quadrilateral has 4 sides Pentagon has 5 sides Hexagon has 6 sides Heptagon has 7 sides Octagon has 8 sides Nonagon has 9 sides Decagon has 10 sides Undecagon has 11 sides Dodecagon has 12 sides

How many sides does a a heptagon have?

It has 7 sides

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Objective reporting is based on the idea that the reporters job is to?

A reporter's job is to tell the truth and tell the story only. This is what objective reporting is. Often, reporters stretch the truth simply to get a story.

What is the ability to see both sides of a subject?


What do you call one who can argue on both sides of the issue?


What is a diffused disc bulge?

The name of the condition is self explanatory. The disc between the two vertebrae bulges out from all the sides.

What are triangle with three sides of different lengths?

Scalene Triangle. Isoceles triangles have 2 equal lengths (Trick: 2 eyes), Equallateral triangles have all equal sides. Self explanatory...

What is subjective introspection?

SUBJECTIVE: Based on personal feeling or interpretation. INTROSPECTION: Self-observation of one's thoughts and feelings. In other words: Personal feelings about self-observations of ones thoughts and feelings. (Subjective is usually thought to be invalid compared to objective.) OBJECTIVE: without bias or prejudice and attempts to present all sides of an issue.

What is a biased essay?

One that doesn't fairly present all sides.

A system where two opposing sides will present their case to an independent umpire?


What court system is with two people or groups present their sides of a case?


How does the author present a balanced view of the penny debate?

by explaining the argument of both sides

Is Golgi complex present in both plant and animal cells?

Yes, it is present in both, it's used for packaging ribosomes, it has Cis and Trans sides.

What does the term three pronged attack mean?

It is when an objective is assaulted by Three or more units either on multiple sides or by using multiple weapon systems