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Q: Express each rate into a unit rate 4 cups for 3 recipes?
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What are some great halibut recipes?

There are many great recipes for halibut online. All Recipes is a great website that lists several halibut recipes and allows users to rate and comment upon each recipe.

What is the APR of Express credit card?

Currently, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of an EXPRESS Credit Card, managed through World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB), has a variable rate of 24.99%. This means that as the market changes, so does the interest rate. You can avoid paying interest by paying off your balance with each statement.

Where can I find flank steak recipes?

The best flank steak recipes are on and These sites rate their recipes by level of difficulty so you can find one that is easier for you to try.

How do you Express each rate as a unit rate?

Well a unit rate is a rate of per one. So if say you get 4 cookies per two packets. The unit rate would be 2 cookies per packet or 2 cookies/packet

Why do you use a weighing scale for cooking?

A weighing scale is essential for accurate recipes where each ingredient needs to be exact. This helps maximize the success rate of the finished product.

How do you express the percent to a rate per 100?

Percentage IS a rate per 100.

How do you get the rate in percentage?

Multiply the rate by 100, then express it as a decimal number, followed by the % sign.

How much is the interest rate for an american express card?

They don't have interest rates they just have member fees. You have to pay these fees each month in order to keep the card.

What is the interest rate with Payday express?

PAYDAY Express offers an interest rate of about ten percent annually, though it is known to be more if certain criteria, such as age or limitations, apply.

Where can I find low cholesterol meal ideas?

I like to use for all recipes. Users give their own recipes and then other users rate the recipes. This is a great way to find recipes for any diet or occasion. Just go to the website and search for low cholesterol recipes and you will find many options. Bon Apetit!

Where is it possible to view recipes that include beef tenderloin as an ingredient?

All Recipes is a website that allows one to find recipes by their ingredients, as well as allowing users to rate the recipes according to their own tastes. There is even a Fabulous Beef Tenderloin recipe that has garnered an impressing 4.7 stars out of 5.

What are the rate comparison between the Chase Freedom and American Express credit cards?

Chase's interest rate ranges between 12.99% and 22.99%. Anerican Express's interest rate is typically around 19.95%. American Express also usually charges $125 yearly fee after the first year, whereas Chase Freedom never has a yearly fee.

Which unit can be used to express the rate of a reaction?


How do you express a reaction rate?

by doing the god dawm work

What are some great punch recipes?

Punch recipes can be found on various cooking sites. The site, All Recipes, has a top 20 list of the highest rate punch on their site, with choices like 'Sangria! Sangria!', Luscious Slush Punch, and Apple Orchard Punch.

Where can I purchase appetizers recipes online?

A good site to begin is Users also rate and comment on the recipes. Food Network also recommends some appetizers for beginning your dining experience:

What is the overdue payment rate for an Amex Express card?

An America Express card has an overdue payment rate of $25. If another late billing is found within 6 periods of the first, the late fee is increased to $35.

What is the interest rate on an american express gold?

"The average interest rate on an American Express Gold Card is between 17 and 19 percent annually. However, on past due balances that jumps up to 30 percent."

What is the connection between your pulse and heart rate?

Pulse and Heart rate are two different ways to express the same thing

A pair of numbers that express a rate through division?


All bacteria can express foreign genes at the same rate?


Express 9 inches of rain in 72 hours as a unit rate?


What does Corporate Express mean?

Corporate Express is a branch of Staples Office Supplies for corporate groups. They can order and have their supplies delivered quickly at a corporate rate.

Express 95 as a percentage of 96?

% rate = 95/96 * 100% = 98.996%

What mailing is there other than than express mail?

pickle flat rate