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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Factor completely and check mentally 15a - 25b plus 20?
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How do you factor this completely 6aยฒ-8ab plus 2a?

6a squared-8ab+2a factor completely and check mentally

Factor completely and check mentally 4a plus 8b-16c?


Factor completely and check mentally -15x2 plus 5x?

-5x(3x - 1)

Factor completely and check mentally 15x squared plus 5x?

5x(3x + 1)

Factor completely and check mentally 40n squared plus 64n?


Factor completely and check mentally 4x2yz plus 2xy2z plus 2xyz?

4x2yz + 2xy2z + 2xyz = 2xyz(2x + y + 1) Not sure what check mentally entails.

How do you factor 4a plus 8b 16c?

With the factor 4a plus 8b 16c you can find the answer and check it mentally. You would first have to find he product of all the numbers to find the value of the letter A.

Factor completely 12n2 plus 8n?

12n2 plus 8n?

Factor completely 10a2 plus 20a?

10a * (a + 2)

Factor completely x2 plus 6x plus 9?


Factor completely 30x2 plus 35x2y plus 40x?

5x(7xy + 6x + 8)

Xsquared plus 13x plus 36 Factor completely?

(x + 9)(x + 4)

How do you factor completely 7y plus 28?

7(y + 4)

How can you factor these polynomials completely 24b plus 12b2 plus 12?

12(b + 1)(b + 1)

Completely factor the polynomials for x3 plus 8x2 plus 15x?


How do you completely factor 21x4-14x3 plus 35x2 plus 7x?

7x(3x3 - 2x2 + 5x + 1)

Can you factor completely NT equals -3t3 plus 23t2 plus 8t?

-(t(3t + 1)(t - 8))

Factor x2 plus 13x plus 36 completely?

x2 + 13x + 36 = (x + 9)(x + 4)

Factor completely 4x2 plus 4x plus 1?

(2x + 1)(2x + 1) or (2x + 1)2

36x2 plus 60x plus 25 factor completely?

(6x + 5)(6x + 5) or (6x + 5)2

Factor completely 5x 2 plus 10x?

That would depend on the plus or minus value of 2 which has not been given.

Factor completely 10x2y - 15xy2 plus 20xy?

5xy (2x - 3y + 4 )

Factor completely X2-13x plus 36?


8x2 plus 12x-2 factor completely?

2(4x2 + 6x - 1)

How do you factor completely x to the fourth power plus 1?

1x to the power of 4