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I need to; factor each expression 10x + 40 = ?

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Q: Factor each expression 24AB
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How do you common factor an expression?

Find a number that evenly divides each term of the expression.

How do you find the value of each expression in lowest terms?

For each expression, divide the numerator and denominator by their greatest common factor.

What does factor each algebraic expression mean?

For each of a list of algebraic expressions, find one or more common factors and factorise the expression.

Factor each expression 7t 49?


Does evaluate each expression and write each power as a product of the same factor mean the same thing?


Factor the expression given below Write each factor as a polynomial in descending order x2 - 81?


Factor each expression 11PQR?

11 x P x Q x R = 11PQR

How can you factor each expression?

Some expressions can't be factorised, and you have to use other methods to solve the equation.

If possible, factor each expression. 4x + 12?

A = 4x + 12 = 4x + 4 ร— 3 = 4(x + 3)

How do you factor variables with exponents?

example x5 + 6x4 + 9x3 To factor this expression, see if each "piece" of the expression has a variable in common. In this case, each piece has an X in common. Now we factor out the smallest exponent of X that we see in the expression. x3(x2+6x +9) You could factor the x squared +6x +9 also, into (x + 3)(x+3)

What does greatest common factor of an expression mean?

"Greatest common factor of an expression" is meaningless."Greatest common factor of two or more numbers" is the largest integerthat can divide evenly into each of the numbers.

Why would you want to factor each expression before multiplying or dividing 2 rational expressions?

In both cases, you may be able to cancel common factors, thus simplifying the expression.

How do you factor this expression 30-4n?

2(15-2n) Look for the greatest common factor of 30 and -4n. Put it out front, then divide each term by this number to get the expression in the parentheses. 30/2 = 15, -4n/2 = -2n.

Factor 4x 32?

4x + 32 = 4(x + 8)

What is the correct factorization of the expression 12x2 - 4x3?

Take out the common factor, which in this case is 4x2. Divide each of the terms by this common factor. 12x2 - 4x3 = 4x2(3+x)

What is each factor in a term called?

Make note that a term doesn't have to be a number. It can be the expression, like (3x - 6). In order to consider a term of the factorization of the term to be the factor, it must be prime. Therefore, we call each factor in a term "prime factor". Here is the example: 2x + 6 has a factor of 2. Then, we can factor out 2x + 6 to get 2(x + 3)

What Factor the expression given below. Write each factor as a polynomial in descending order. x2 - 4?

It is x^2 -4 = (x-2)(x+2) when factored and it is the difference of two squares

How do you factor 3x squared plus 3xy?

Remove common factors. The common factor is 3x. Then since you must keep the expression constant you put in parentheses what you must multiply 3x by to get each of the original parts of the expression. So the answer must be 3x+3xy=3x(1+y).

Factor the polynomial expression Write each factor as a polynomial in descending order 15x2 plus 3x - 12?

15x^2+3x-12 3(5x^2+x-4)=Answer

What does it mean to evalutate the expression?

Replace each variable in the expression by its value and then find the value of the expression.

How do you find the LCD in rational expression?

Factor each of the denominators. Make up an expression that includes all of the factors in the denominators. Example (using "^" for powers):If you have denominators (x^2 - 1), (x-1)^2 and (x+1), factor the first expression, to get denominators: (x+1)(x-1), (x-1)^2 and (x+1). Taking each factor that appears at least once, you get the common denominator: (x+1)(x-1)^2. Note: If a factor, as in this case x-1, appears more than once in one of the expressions, you need to use the highest power.

How do you evaluate an algebraic expression when I know the value of each variable?

Replace each variables in the algebraic expression by its [known] value and calculate the value (ie evaluate) of the algebraic expression.

How do you simplify the rational expression 4n-4 divided by 6n-20?

Start by factoring each part. If you find a common factor in the numerator and the denominator, eliminate it in both.

What is replacing each variable with a number in an expression and simpiifying the result?

Evaluating the expression.

What is replacing each variable in an expression by a number and calculating the answer?

That is sometimes known as EVALUATING the expression.

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