Factorial of a number in shell?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Factorial of a number in shell?
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Write a recursive procedure to compute the factorial of a number?

#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int i, number=0, factorial=1; // User input must be an integer number between 1 and 10 while(number<1 number>10) { cout << "Enter integer number (1-10) = "; cin >> number; } // Calculate the factorial with a FOR loop for(i=1; i<=number; i++) { factorial = factorial*i; } // Output result cout << "Factorial = " << factorial << endl;

Programming to calculate a factorial number?

double factorial(double N){double total = 1;while (N > 1){total *= N;N--;}return total; // We are returning the value in variable title total//return factorial;}int main(){double myNumber = 0;cout > myNumber;cout

Write the Pseudocode to find the factorial of a number?

Pseudo code+factorial

What is 435436543647654 factorial?

A big number.

What is a factorial in mathematical terms?

The factorial of a number is the product of all the whole numbers, except zero, that are less than or equal to that number.

How do you compile and run shell script of factorial?

Shell scripts are not compiled; they are interpreted (and therefore do not need to be compiled). Just type in the name of the shell script and any parameters it needs to execute.

What is the factorial of any number?

a factorial number is a number multiplied by all the positive integers i.e. 4!=1x2x3x4=24 pi!=0.14x1.14x2.14x3.14 0!=1

How do you do a factorial?

You first look at the number that is before the !(factorial sign). Then you times all positive integers (which means it doesn't include 0), including the number itself. The answer is the factorial of the original number beside the ! sign. EX.:4!=1x2x3x4=24

How many zeros are possible factorial 10 to the power factorial 10?

Factorial 10 to the power factorial 10 will have 7257600 zeros.

How do you solve the factorial of 3?

A factorial is a whole number multiplied by all the whole numbers less than that number. So 3 factorial (written as 3!) is 3 times 2 times 1=6

Write this expression as a factorial 87654321?

That's not the factorial of any number. For a start, the factorial of any number greater than or equal to 2 is even, because of the factor 2. The factorial of any number greater or equal to five ends with 0. Another answer: I suspect the questioner meant to ask how to write 8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 as a factorial. If so, then the answer is "8!"

What is a factorial function in Visual Basic?

' Iterative solution Function iterativeFactorial(ByVal n As Long) As Long Dim factorial As Long = 1 For i As Long = 1 To n factorial *= i Next Return factorial End Function ' Recursive solution Function recursiveFactorial(ByVal n As Long) As Long If n <= 1 Then Return n End If Return n * recursiveFactorial(n - 1) End Function