Fastest 50 runs in cricket

Updated: 8/9/2023
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The fastest 100 in cricket was hit by Shahid Afridi in 37 balls.

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Sanath Jayasuriya made the fastest 50 runs in the world

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Q: Fastest 50 runs in cricket
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Who scord the fastest 100 runs in 50 overs cricket mach?

Shahid Afridi in 37 balls.

Who scored fastest 2000 runs in test cricket?

Don Bradman scored fastest 2000 runs in test cricket in just 22 innings.

Who scored Fastest 300 runs in test cricket?

Virendra sehwag

Who did hit the fastest fifty runs in the world cup cricket?

Brendon McCullum

Who scored the fastest 100 runs after shahid afridi in cricket?

Mark Boucher. He did it in 44 balls.

What does 50 not out mean in cricket?

50 runs scored, and the player is still batting i.e. not out

Who is the fastest 50 wicket taker in one day cricket history?

Ajit Agarkar - 19 matches

Who scored fastest triple century in test cricket?

virender sehwag 319 runs in 304balls

Which player score 50 runs in minimum ball in 20-20 cricket?

yuvaraj sing 12 ball 50 runs againest England

Who has scored the fastest 50 in ODI?

Fastest cricket 50 means making 50 runs on less number of balls faced then ever done by anyone.Fastest 50 in all forms of the game combined was scored by Yuvraj Singh (India) against England in the ICC Twenty20 World cup 2007. Yuvraj scored 50 runs facing 12 balls.South Africa's Jacques Kallis has the fastest 50 in test cricket from 24 balls while the fastest 50 in one-day internationals is 17 balls by Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka.

Who holds the record for the fastest century in odi cricket?

Shahid Khan Afridi, He made 102 Runs in just 37 Balls.

Donald bradman achievements?

Fastest to 1000 runs Fastest to 2000 runs Fastest to 3000 runs Fastest to 4000 runs Fastest to 5000 runs Fastest to 6000 runs Almost fastest to 7000 runs,just required four more to be the fastest to 7000 runs and have the average of 100.