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Length times width.

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Q: Figure out total sq ft of a room?
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How do you figure the sq footage of a room?

Length times width. 10x12 room is 120 sq. ft.

How much paint needed for a room?

A gallon of average paint will cover about 300 sq. ft. -Now you figure out your room dimensions in sq. ft.

What is the formula to figure out wall space if the room is 100 sq ft and the ceilings are 9 ft?

Hi, Check out the web site for The Money Pit, they have on-line calculators to help you. A 100 sq/ft room would be 10' x 10'. Each wall is 9' high, so each wall would be 90 sq/ft for a total wall space of 360 sq ft.

If a room is 208 sq ft how do you figure how many 12 inch square blocks it would take to do the room?

A 12 inch square block is a sq ft, so 208.

What is the sq ft of a room 6 ft x 9 ft?

The sq ft of a room 6 ft x 9 ft is 54 ft2.

How many sq ft in a room that is 12ft by 22ft?

264 sq ft.

What is the sq ft of a 16x28 room?

16 x 28 sq ft...

What is square feet of 11ft by 13 ft room?

11 ft * 13 ft = 143 sq. ft, so the room has an area of 143 sq. ft

How many packs of laminate flooring will you need for a 32ft x18ft room?

how many sq. ft. of material is in the pack your interested in?...multiply rooms width x length to get total sq. ft. needed to do room, then look at sq. ft on product per box and divide

Figure how many acres in 60000 sq ft?

(60,000 sq ft) / (43,560 sq ft / acre) = 1.3774 acre (rounded)

How many sq ft is a 16 x 6 room?

96 sq ft.

How do you calculate the square footage of a room?

To calculate square footage, you multiply the length by the width of the room. So, if the room measures 10 ft. by 18 ft., your total area is 180 sq. ft.

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