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The square root of 4.0401 is 2.01. This means that if you multiply 2.01 by itself, the end result will be the number 4.0401.

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Q: Find a number that when squared equals 4.0401?
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Find a number that when squared equals 1.0404?

the answer is 1.02

Find the number that equals 121 when it is squared?


A squared plus b squared equals 26 where a equals b find a and b?


What is evaluate six squared?

find out what 6 squared equals. which is 6 x 6 and that equals 36

A squared plus 2a squared equals c squared?

A squared plus B squared equals C squared. It is the Pythagorean theorem.To do this you would find the two short sides of a right triangle. Then for one short side find the length and multiply it by itself and for the other short side do the same thing. After that add those two up and and find the square root of it. That number you have there is C aka hypotenuse aka the long side. :)

How do you find square of number?

That means multiplying the number by itself. For example, 5 squared, written 52, equals 5 x 5 = 25.

How do you do pythagorean theorem when you have a and c?

B squared equals c squared minus a squared then to find B take the square root of you answer for b squared

700mm Hg equals what?

Celsius plus pie squared and add your decimal with your demoninator with the odd and even number then find out the sum

What is the answer to Puzzle 149 in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box?

This puzzle is also known as Number Puzzle. It is one of Layton's Challenges from The Sweetheart's House. Hint 1: Try treating each digit of a number as a separate entity. Hint 2: Try to find the rule that uses the digits from one number to create the next number in the circle. Hint 3: Try squaring the individual digits first. Solution: That right! It's 89. Square each number and then add these values together to find the next number in the cycle 16 = 4 squared which came from squaring the 2 and the 0 in 20, 1 squared plus 6 squared equals (1x1+6x6)37, 3 squared equals 9 plus 7 squared equals 49 for the number (3x3+7x7)58. 5 squared plus 8 squared equals 25 + 64 equals a total of 89. The number 89 should go in the space.This answer is also correct for Professor Layton and Pandora's Box.

What is the answer to 8 squared?

"8 squared" is not a question. It's just a number. To find the square of a number, multiply the number by itself.

What is the formula a squared plus b squared equals c squared is used to find?

It is the pythagorean theorem. Used in finding the lengths of sides of right angled triangles.

How do you find the prime factors of a squared number?

The prime factors of a squared number are the prime factors, if any, of its square root.

How do you find degrees of freedom for a chi-squared test?

The degrees of freedom for a chi-squarded test is k-1, where k equals the number of categories for the test.

How do you find out what is the least number 300 has to be mulitplyed by to make a perfect square?

300*3 = 900 which is a perfect square because 30 squared equals 900

If the area of a circle is 25 square units what is the radius of the circle?

area equals pi r squared therefor r squared equals area over pi. Now find square root of r squared and you have "R" (radius) = 2.821

How do you find out what number squared is 27?

Find the square root of 27. This number can be either about +5.196 or -5.196

Find the solutions for 4x squared plus 4x plus 1 equals 0?

x = -½

A triangle is inscribed in the circle x squared plus y squared equals 25 Find the dimensions of the triangle which will have the maximum area?

There is a ninja behind you

How do you find the missing length of a triangle using Pythagoras?

The length of side A squared plus the length of side B sqaured equals the missing side of the triangle squared. So i.e. if side A is 4 and side B is 3 then 4x4 which is 16 plus 3x3 which is 9 equals 25 and the square root of 25 equals 5. So in conclusion the missing side equals 5.

How do you find a squared number?

To find a square numbe lets say.. 2 squared all you do is 2x2=4 4squared 4x4=16

How do you find the pythgorean theorem?

a(squared)+b(squared)=c(squared) The largest number is the c, and you can choose the a and b, since you need to find the a or the b. For example: You have the numbers 3, and 5 and you needed to find b. a(squared+b(squared)=c(squared) 3(squared)+b(squared)=5(squared) 9+b(squared)=25 -9 -9 b(squared)=16 Then take the square root b=4

When a positive whole number is squared the result is 90 more than the original number. Find the original number?

The original number is 10 because: 10 squared = 10+90

How do you find isoelectronic species?

number of electrons squared, then divided by 2

A number added to its squared is 56 Find the number?

The number could be -8 or it could be +7.

How do you find the b in the formula for area of a triangle?

The formula for finding the angles is called " Pythagorean Thyrum " It states that a squred plus b squared equals c squared so therefore c squared minus a squared will equal b squared. i hope that helps