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A rectangle = LW

If the diagonal of length of 10 ft makes a 55⁰ angle with length L, then the length of width W equals to 10 sin 55⁰ ft, and the length of L equals to 10 cos 55⁰ ft. So that

A = LW = (10 sin 55⁰ ft)(10 cos 55⁰ ft) ≈ 47 ft2

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Q: Find the area of a rectangle whose diagonal is 10 feet long and makes a 55 degree angle with one of the sides?
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How do you find the width and length of a rectangle if you only know the diagnol?

If the only known fact is the length of the diagonal then the width and length of the rectangle CANNOT be determined. The diagonal could be that of a square, or of a rectangle that is very long but quite narrow. Consequently at least one more fact is required such as; the dimension of either the length or the width, or the angle that the diagonal makes to the base of the rectangle or even the area of the rectangle.

What makes a rectangle a rectangle?

A four side polynomial with two pairs of opposite side congruent and parallel as well as four right interior angle.

What attribute makes a rectangle a special parrallelogram?

A parallelogram with a right angle is a rectangle.

If a 60-degree angle is bisected and then each new angle is bisected what is the measure of the smallest angle formed?

15 degrees. A bisected 60 degree angle makes 2 30 degree angles by definition of an angle bisector, then a 30 degree angle makes 2 15 degree angles by definition of an angle bisector.

One diagonal of a parallelogram is 16.5 he makes an angle of 36 degree 10 minutes and 14 degree30 minutes respectively with the sides Find the sides?

They are 12.59 and 5.34 units respectively.

A rectangular lot is 102x296 ft. Find the length of the diagonal and the angle it makes with the longest side?

The diagonal is SQUAREROOT(1022 + 2962) = 313.08ft Angle = tan-1(102/296) = 19.01 degrees

What is a triangle with angle of 37 degree's and 75 degree's?

The third angle is 68 degrees which makes it a scalene triangle

What makes a rectangle different from a parallelogram?

All four of the angles of a rectangle (and of squares) are right angles.(Its name comes from this : rect-angle.)

The length of the rectangle below is 26.63 inches. If the diagonal makes an angle of 42.6 and ordm with this side find the measure of the width of the rectangle rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch?

The diagonal creates a right angled triangle with one pair of long and short sides - the diagonal is the hypotenuse. We know the angle between the long side (adjacent) and hypotenuse as 42.6°; We want to find the length of the short (width) side (opposite). We can use the Tan ratio: tan = opposite/adjacent → opposite = adjacent × tan → width = 26.63 in × tan 42.6° = 24.487... in → width is 24.5 inches to the nearest tenth of an inch.

What triangle makes a 90 degree angle?

A right(-angled) triangle

What type of triangle is 28 degree's 110 degree's and 42 degree's?

The 110 degree angle makes this triangle an obtuse triangle.

Is a rectangle a special quadrilateral?

A rectangle is defined as "a parallelogram with one right angle" A parallelogram is defined as "a quadrilateral with opposite sides equal and parallel" This makes a rectangle a sort of second-generation quadrilateral!