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Q: Find the length of a line that is 5cm shorter?
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Is 44mm longer or shorter than 5cm?


What is the length of the longest side of a right angled triangle if the two shorter side are 5cm and 12 cm?

13 cm

The length of a textbook is 5cm and the width is 2cm Find the area of the textbook?


How do you find the formula for a cube?

you tube videos Alternatively: If the cubes edges are 5cm long, then you can find: a) its total surface area (of the 6 square faces) = 5cmx5cmx6 = 150 square centimetres b) its volume by multiplying length by breadth by height = 5cm x 5cm x 5cm =125cc (cubic centimetres c) the total length of all of its edges, of which there are 12 measuring 5cm each = 12 x 5cm = 60cm

What is the area of a rectangle 5cm long by 1cm wide?

Area of a rectangle= Length * width Length= 5cm Width= 1cm Area=5cm *1cm =5cm2

How do you find the area of a rectangular base?

In order to find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length by the width of the rectangle. For example: If the length of a rectangle is 5cm and the width of a rectangle is 2cm, then the area of the rectangle would be 5cm X 2cm = 10cm².

Does 5cm 5cm 5cm make a triangle?

5cm, 5cm, and 5cm could represent the lengths of the sides of an equilateral triangle, or might indicate the length, width, and height of a cube.

How do you find the perimeter of 9cm 5cm 9cm 5cm?

9cm + 5cm + 9cm + 5cm = 28cm

What is the length of a rectangle of 2cm going down and 5cm going across?

I am not sure what the point is for you to give us the dimensions of a rectangle and then ask what one of those dimensions is. Perhaps you are not sure whether the shorter or the longer of the two dimensions would be considered the length, and which the width. I would say that a rectangle measuring 2cm x 5cm is 2cm wide and 5cm long.

How do you find area of square that is 5 cm on each side?

Just like any other rectangle.Multiply the length by the width.5cm x 5cm = 25 cm2

How do you work out if a formula represents a length area or volume?

well, length will only have 1 unit of length multiplied together. area will have two length multiplied together (to form something like m^2) and volume it is three (to form m^3) example if you have 3X5cm=15cm, that's distance 3.14*(5cm)^2=3.14*5cm*5cm = 78.5cm^2 is area volume is 5cm*5cm*5cm=75cm^3

What is the perimeter of the square length of 5cm?


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