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Q: Find the pattern in the following numbers and enter the next number in the pattern 13 25 37 49?
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How to write an algorithm that accepts five numbers and displays the sum and average of the numbers?

1.Start Algorithm 2.Enter first number 3.Enter second number 4.Enter third number 5.Enter fourth number 6.Enter fifth number 7.Add five number 8.display five number / 2 9.Display result 10.End Algorithm

What is a number that can be entered into a cell on Excel?

Which of the following is a number that can be entered into a cell?

When adding a private TO you must enter the following?

Title, TO Number, and Available for Distribution.

How do you write negative numbers on a calculator?

Enter the number, then press the button marked with +/-

Write a program to input N different number and count total odd numbers incurred by the user?

#include#includeunsigned input_num(std::string prompt){unsigned num = 0;while (1){std::cout

How do you do get Excel to do an average of 10000 numbers?

Put the 10000 numbers into cells, say from A1 to A10000 and then enter the following formula into a cell: =AVERAGE(A1:A10000)

How to calculate the percentage change between two numbers in excel?

Enter 1st number in A1 Enter 2nd number in A2 In A3 enter =(1-A2/A1)*100 Or you can enter in A3 =(1-A2/A1) and format cell as number percentage

When would you enter numbers as text?

Whenever you want the numbers to be treated as text instead of numbers. Some examples are phone number, credit card numbers, and zip codes. A zip code can be a problem if you enter it as a number, because Excel will drop the leading zero from a zip code if the cell is formatted for a number. 09173 becomes 9173; not the same thing.

How do you send a fax from Australia to Japan i.e. what numbers do you dial in front of the actual fax number?

enter 0011-country code-area code and phone number. Do not enter zero in front of country code and area code. Hope that helps. Vanessa

How do you enter the code in a safe radio?

Usaully by the numbers on it if it doesnt have number buttons try the knob

Where can you enter a coach numbers?

Well the serial number is really designed for the company to track where the item was made, and the style of the item. I do not know of a website where you can enter the number. You can contact your local store and they can help you with the serial number

What are the steps to multiplying a number in A3 by a number in B3 and placing the answer in D3?

Go to cell D3 and enter the following: "=A3*B3"