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This is a 9.127% decrease.

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Q: Find the percent of change of original 63 new 57.25?
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How do you do you find the percent of change in numbers?

new amount minus original amount over original amount

Find percent of change from 60 to 36?

Using the equation of percent of change.(Original Value - Current Value) / Originalvalue *100% = Percent change(60 - 36 ) / 60 *100 = 40%40% is the percent change

How do you find percent of change as a decrease?

Whether the change is an increase or decrease . . . -- Divide the new number by the original number. -- Multiply the result by 100. -- Subtract 100. -- Now you have the percent of change.

3.50 to 2.80 what is the percent decrease?

Percent change can be found using the formula below:(new amount) - (original amount)% change = __________________________(original amount)Using this formula, we find that2.8 - 3.5 -0.7_______ = ____ = -0.2, which equals a 20% decrease (negative answer)3.5 3.5

What are the steps to solve a percent change problem?

To find the percentage change:find the change as in new value - original value; this can be a negative amount which implies a reductiondivide the value found in step 1 by the original value;multiply by 100 %percentage change = (new value - original value)/original value × 100 %

How do you find the percent of an increase or decrease?

% change is the % of increase or % of decrease. % change = (difference of the two values / the original value) x 100% =[(original value - new value)/original value] x 100% % increase -if the value increased % decrease -if the value decreased

How do you solve a commission problem where you need to find the original price?

Commission = percent x original price / 100 so original price = commission x 100 / percent

What is the percent increase from 14.09 to 14.80?

((14.80-14.09)/14.09)*100= 5.04% to find increase or decrease, find the difference of the change and divide it by the original value, then multiply by 100 to turn it into a percentage.

How do you find 10 percent increase?

Multiply the original amount by 1.10 .

How do you find fifteen percent?

Multiply original number by .15, this will give you the answer.

How do you find the new price of an item if you know the original price and the percent of increase?

Convert the percent of increase into a decimal, multiply that by the original price and take that answer, and add it on to the original price. BAM. new price:)

How do you find the original price of an item if you know the sales tax percent and amount?

The amount of tax divided by the percent of tax (expressed as a decimal) will equal the original price.